June 05 2020

10 Farmhouse Lights You Will Definitely Love

Lighting is the element that can easily alter the aura of your space without the fuss to revamp the whole design. No matter whether you are hunting for the perfect pieces for your cottage or looking to remodel your farmhouse-styled spaces, you are going to fall head over heels for the ten farmhouse lighting ideas by us.

Top 1

Round Lantern Pendant Light - 4 Lights


This distressed pendant is your farmhouse fairytale’s dream come true. With the expertized craftsmanship by LNC Home, The veneer of the fixture is full of rustic charm with strong distressed vibe. The dark brown metallic corners add weight and toughness to the piece. All the elements merge harmoniously together and are formed into this one and only gorgeous piece.

Top 2

Orb Geometric Pendant Light - 4 Lights


Bursting with personality, this orb pendant is simplistic in its shape, but high in quality. The bended wooden frame is meticulously crafted with a strong rustic touch. Hung in multiples, or on its own, this farmhouse pendant will partner perfectly with your farmhouse kitchen, bedroom and living room.

Top 3

Geometric Rectangular Pendant - 4 Lights


With two crossing rectangles of different materials and metallic dark-brown stand, this pendant exudes rustic charm with an industrial aura. Hung above your kitchen island or your bedroom, this lighting piece is going to add truly rustic and trendy vibe to your stylish spaces.

Top 4

Cylindrical Drum Pendant Light - 4 Lights


The classic farmhouse chandelier has a sculpted frame with an antique and rustic finish to underscore the earthiness and chicness of your spaces. Featuring an open, hand-crafted and farmhouse natural wood lantern frame, this pendant is the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Top 5

Water Drop Pendant Light - 1 Light


Bring a touch of sweetness and pure farmhouse charm to your stylish spaces. This pendant has the cutest shape that will make your heart melt. This is a dashing element that will make your room shine with chicness and personalities.

Top 6

Wagon Wheel Pendant - 6 Lights


The wooden circle and metallic parts underscore its rustic and tough charm. As a bold piece that has an industrial take on a rustic design, this chandelier earns its place as the centerpiece of any space.

Top 7

Square Wood Pendant Light - 4 Lights


Rustic farmhouse vibes radiate off this truly gorgeous chandelier. With an open design, it provides with ample and unhindered light and adds volume to a space. The two-layer wooden frame accentuates the farmhouse charm. This simplistic design can be incorporated in myriads of home design styles.

Top 8

Wood Beaded Semi Flush Mounts - 3 Lights


This piece has an industrial take on a traditional farmhouse look. With wood beads dropping down the metallic circular frame, this piece exudes the old-world charm that will elevates a space to a level of earthy elegance. The metallic part stresses the roughness of the piece and all the elements merge harmoniously together and are transformed into this unique lighting artwork.

Top 9

Distressed White Wood Pendant Light - 3 Lights


This awe-inspiring pendant light mixes sought after themes of vintage and French country stylings. Featuring a traditional and distressed frame that hand-carved out of natural wood, this chandelier earns its place as the centerpiece in any space.

Top 10

Squash Glass Pendant Light


This dome-shaped glass pendant features a wooden top with a glass cover developing under. This combination of darkness and lightness, softness and roughness brings fragility and cuteness to the ambiance.

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