June 24 2020

3 Must-have Outdoor Refresh Tips

-- HawkinsOnTheHill

There are several details that go into account when planning an outdoor entry refresh.

You want to decide on a style or certain “feel” you want to portray.

Ways to achieve your desired look can include adding pops of color through accent pieces, adding furniture or plants, or even changing the lighting.

For us, our outdoor entry refresh consisted of cleaning the area, staining the deck, painting the door, adding in some summer colors, a new entry rug, and installing new light fixtures.

The most valued update for me was the updated lighting. Outdoor lighting is important for many reasons. Not only does it brighten the space and provide curb appeal, it also adds character and can increase safety.

Our new light installation allowed for extra indirect lighting for our back door, sidewalk, and garage entry. Whether you choose lanterns, scones, pendants, or hanging lights, LNC Home is sure to provide you with a warm and welcoming entry way.

Tip 1


Depending on the size of the area and entry door, a general rule of thumb to achieve the desired look is to choose a fixture that is one-fourth the size of your entrance door.

If this is a smaller back entryway way like mine, choosing a lower profile fixture may be best.

If you want to make a statement or big impact for a bigger area such as a front entryway with a large porch, you may consider sizing up to one-third the height of your door.

Secret 2

Wall Mounts (lantern style)

Decorative lanterns are one of the easiest, budget friendly, and attractive ways to add a welcoming charm to your entry.

There are so many options when it comes to style of wall mounts. Whether you are wanting to achieve a modern look, vintage look, or a soft romantic glow, wall lanterns are the way to go!

We chose a textured glass wall scone for our back-door entry/garage area. This style is timeless and combines modern and traditional farmhouse décor.

The transitional rectangular shade allow use in a variety of outdoor environments. We wanted a clean and simple look that would still give this area some character.

Secret 3

Hanging Lights

LNC Home also has excellent hanging light options. Hangings lights would work excellent on a covered front porch.

Adding in a hanging fixture can add a whole new design element to revamp and spruce up your entry area.

This is a great option to accentuate and illuminate your front door.

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