6 Farmhouse Chandeliers that are going to Melt Your Heart!

When it comes to Farmhouse, something you can't miss must be romantic and elegant chandeliers.

We've delicately selected 6 charming beauties for you to embrace a graceful room.


Simple Wooden Octopus Chandelier - 6 Lights

Inspired by the octopus, this art-piece has an elegant silhouette and gracefully curved arms. The romantic physique is a fresh modern twist to the French traditional look.

The center pillar of the chandelier is the product of over 3 months’ dedicated work by our experienced carpenters and painters. To add a decadent and vintage feel to the piece, painters dry the solid wood pillar after each time it is brushed with fresh paint and then leave the brushed texture on the surface.

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Cylindrical Drum Pendant Light - 4 Lights

Hand-crafted out of the highest-grade log, this rustic pendant is the product of 1-month’s hard work of artisans who hand-brushed it layers and layers of paint to create the casual and rustic look.

The white-washed distressed veneer exudes pure farmhouse charm that will fill your spaces with warmth and uniqueness.

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Simple Wooden Octopus Chandelier - 6 Lights

The unique and simplistic design will take your farmhouse-style lodge or traditional cottage to new heights.

The combination of distressed wood and hand-paint veneer creates the old-world charm that uplifts the ambiance with understated elegance.

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Wood Drum Pendant Light - 3 Lights

The rustic design is loaded on the organic-grown log that is hand-carved by our experienced in-house artisans. The Rome-inspired shape adds history and stories to space and turns it into a dreamy land that is modern, exotic, and chic beyond measure.

As a staunch supporter of environment-friendly materials and manufacturing technologies, LNC Home abandons paint spraying and sourcing mass-produced logs. So when you made a purchase with us, you are also contributing a part to the environment by making a sustainable choice.

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Slim chandelier - 5 lights

T his chandelier is one of the favorites among our customers. The elegantly-curved arms and retro-inspired vintage gold veneer merge perfectly together and fill your spaces with cuteness and style.

Hand-painted by our in-house artisans and manufactured out of high-quality metals, this is a piece that has outstanding durability.

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Drum pendant light - 4 lights

This vintage gold drum pendant light is one of our best sellers. Manufactured out of durable mixed metals, this pendant light will be a long-lasting companion in your customers’ houses.

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How do you think of these lovely lights? Can’t wait to have them in your beautiful houses?

No problem! Feel free to make an order on our website, we will send them to you in our quickest manner.

You deserve the best,
Love from LNC Home ♥

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