7 Bathroom Vanities that are Trending in 2020

Lights are the simplest but also the vital elements in the design of your bathrooms. As one of the pioneers in the industry, LNC Home has curated a collection of vanity lights that combine functionality and aesthetics and can easily update your bathrooms.


Rustic Wall Sconces - 3 Lights


This rustic vanity has the great combination of farmhouse aura and simplistic physique. The wooden veneer underscores the earthiness of the piece while the glass shades allow ample and straight-forward light for the space. With the understated elegance and versatility, this vanity can be incorporated in decors of myriads of styles.


Gold Clear Glass Wall Sconce 3 Lights


With bell-shaped glass shades and a rose-gold base, our Gold Clear Glass Wall Sconce is our modern take on classic 80s style. Bring a breath of retro vibe to your modern, industrial or mixed bathroom and make a modern statement with this rose-gold sconce.


Elegant 3-light bath light


Clearly a winner in versatility and simplicity. This Clear Glass 3-light Bathroom light reflects a simple modern style that adds a sophisticated and classic element to your sleek and modern design. With great versatility, this vanity light is perfect for your foyer, kitchen, bathroom or powder room.


Mason Jar Light - 3 Lights


Materials, shapes and finishes combine harmoniously in this earthy farmhouse-style Mason Jar Vanity. Three hand-crafted Mason jars hang from the rustic base creating an industrial and urban vibes. Perfect to be merged in myriads of design styles.


Wooden Base Wall Sconce - 3 Lights


Sophisticated and modern, this stunning wall sconce has an undeniable magnetic presence! The combination of contemporary style and retro vibes creates this unique and glamorous fixture that can add chicness, elegance and personalities to the spaces beyond measure.


Wooden Base Wall Sconce - 2 Lights


Add a unique and modern sparkle to your space with our Wooden Base Wall Sconce! The antiqued shades and base give this fixture a classic look that adds a layer of elegance to your space. The sleek physique reflects a simple design that a variety of motifs can enjoy.


Glass wall light


Clean minimalism takes over this Glass Wall Light. For your dining room, foyer, bathroom and living room, this fixture will flourish in your atmosphere. With a stylish minimalist style, this wall sconce can add an industrial and vintage flair perfect for adding texture to modern and contemporary spaces.

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