June 26 2020

7 French Country Lights that are going to Melt Your Heart

If you are trying to create a space that exudes pure farmhouse charm, but also is incorporated with a tinge of French elegance, you won’t want to miss this list of truly stunning French country chandeliers.

Top 1

Wood Drum Pendant Light - 3 Lights


If you are looking for a signature piece that can fill you room with pure farmhouse charm, you will definitely fell head over heel over this chandelier.

This is a lighting fixture that is carved out of natural wood. The rough and earthy finish adds a strong layer of warmth and rustic aura to your space without stealing the thunder of the other elements in the room.

The open design allows ample and unhindered light while adding volume and weight to the space.

Perfect for over-kitchen island area, living rooms and bedrooms.

Top 2

Simple Wooden Octopus Chandelier - 6 Lights


This exclusive piece is destined to be a classic. The meticulously crafted natural wood details define this lighting fixture a true art piece.

The curved arms are hand-painted with a distressed finish that carries old-world charm. The elegant silhouette exudes strong French country vibe but still keeps the perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

This is a piece that is going to stun all your guests.

Top 3

White-washed Farmhouse Wood Pendant


This is a piece that brings your farmhouse dream to life.

The distressed veneer is hand-brushed with small gaps and scratches that carry strong earthiness and casual farmhouse vibe.

Hung in multiples or on its own, this pendant lighting will fill your room with chicness, warmth and style beyond measure.

Top 4

Rustic Wooden chandelier - 5-light


This chandelier is the pinnacle of understated elegance. Hand-carved out of natural wood, the frame is a weighted presence that complements a space with personalities and chicness.

The white-washed shade gives out silent, serene but powerful vibes that balance your space with tranquility.

Top 5

Extra-large rustic wooden chandelier


This chandelier earns its place as the centerpiece in any space.

The crossing rectangles form the modern but also farmhouse shape that is weirdly complicate but also simplistic.

The metallic rivets give a tinge of masculinity and roughness to the piece and all the elements merge harmoniously to reach the perfect balance of pure elegance.

Top 6

Simple Wooden Chandelier - 5 Lights


Drew inspirations from the shapes of the traditional French chandeliers, our designers simplify the silhouettes and stress the elegantly-curved arms by adding a layer of distressed dark-brown paint.

The stand is hand-carved out of natural wood with a white-washed paint layer that gives out strong farmhouse charm. Perfect to be hung in the center of living rooms.

Top 7

Weathered Anchor Chandelier - 6 Lights


This is a piece that creates tension, drama, and excitement for any space.

With an elegant shape originated from the traditional French chandeliers, this lighting fixture is reborn with a mixed charm of modernity, simplicity, contrast, and tradition.

If you are hunting for a signature piece that defines your design with personalities, surprises and chicness, this is what you are looking for.

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