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If there is an area that needs sufficient illumination in your stylish home, bathroom must be the first answer that pops out in my mind. Not only because appropriate lighting can help us dress up to embrace a good mood in the morning, but also it’s an ideal lieu to emphasize your style and leave a strong impression on your families and guests. 

Personally, we prefer to start our remodeling project from bathroom lighting. Instead of getting stuck in a big and difficult one, working with the simplest task – bathroom lighting seems to be a wiser strategy, doesn’t it? Well, in order to help you sort out all possible problems about bathroom lighting, our team writes this detailed inspiration article to lead you find the perfect lighting products for your beautiful bathroom.

How to Build a Unique & Stylish Bathroom

Step 1 : Set Appropriate Layers

Well, as we all know, when things get complicated, people will get lost easily. Thus, we will start with the easiest project – bathroom lighting. The first thing you need to do is also very simple yet important. Give yourself one minute to look around your bathroom and think about how many layers you prefer to set here, and where you’re going to place the lights. 

Normally, there are two layers of lighting in a bathroom. One is the ambient lighting, the second is task lighting. The former will light up your whole space and create a good feeling in general. While the latter focuses more on the specific area to provide supportive brightness for your daily routine. It emphasizes more on functionality. Besides, if you prefer, you can set one more layer in your bathroom – decorative lighting. This type of lights are always in unique design and stunning finishes to grab people’s attention in a second.

Step 2 : Unleash Your Personality

The next step is to pick up lighting pieces that can speak out your personality loudly. Yes, I do mean it. Just forget the so called “should do” rules, you can freely select the lighting fixtures that you like in your stylish bathroom. It could be modern with chic metallic appearance or farmhouse with natural raw woods, just remember that “This is a place where you should please yourself first”. If you want to get more inspiration for this fantastic project, you can unearth amazing ideas by Styles, by Colors, by Products and more through the content below. 

Step 3 : Remember to Shop within Your Budget

This is the last but not at least step to find out the perfect lighting pieces for your sweet home. Sometimes, we will get attracted by the fabulous appearance of a product regardless of knowing its real value. Thus, we do recommend you choose well-designed lighting fixtures with affordable prices and reliable quality. Wonder where to find it? No worries, feel free to shop on LNC HOME on sales series to take lovely lights with good prices into your beautiful home now! Besides, shopping on special days like Black Friday, Christmas, is also a good tactic to save more money for other uses.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas by Styles

No matter what kind of style your bathroom goes for, we promise that you can always find fabulous lighting pieces in LNC HOME that will match perfectly. There is no better or inferior one style than another. We just want to explain the essence beauty of different styles for your better consideration.


Modern lightings fixtures always feature in simple design, sleek metallic lines and transparent glasses. The hot trend recently is always simple yet chic. For a truly contemporary bathroom lighting idea, you can check Gold Vanity with Orb Glasses for your consideration.


For any stylish bathroom, the idea of mounting a farmhouse style vanity light above your beautiful washroom mirror will never let you down. The vintage finishes will constantly inject your bathroom with natural beauty as well as ancient chicness with the distressed wood, iron metallic frames and warm yellow glow. If you’re a big fan of farmhouse style, then don’t miss our best seller Distressed Wood Wall Sconce - 2 Lights, which works better if you double set them in your well-designed bathroom.


Different from the warmth of farmhouse style and the chicness of modern style, industrial lighting looks more serious and heavy but this also explains why it rarely gets out of style and very popular these days. The special industrial design usually characterizes in dark colors, sleek pipe line frames, or simple cage finishes. It’s one of the most eye-catching design in recent home décor trends. The representative fixture in LNC HOME should be the Simple Wall Sconce - 4 lights.


The core concept of minimalist style is to use simple elements to create stunning effects. This style usually features in metallic line frames with transparent shades. There is nothing special, but you can strongly feel the faint allure of such simple design which makes your visitors can’t move their eyes away as long as they see it. 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas by Colors

The selection of color is an art during the decoration process. You shouldn’t simply consider the visual experience on one spot, but also remember to view your specific area as a whole to create a nice feeling in general. No matter you prefer the same color to make it look harmonious, or you want to make use of the conflict of color to add more chicness into your bathroom, feel free to read some useful color tips below to help you make it better. 


For any farmhouse style lover, wood is the ideal color to refresh your bathroom and enhance the feeling of close to nature in your daily life. The understated color can instantly make people feel warm and comfy in any space. Don’t you believe it? Well, then you should browse our best seller Mason Jar Light - 3 Lights. Just by imaging this gorgeous vanity light above your mirror, you can immediately understand how beautiful it is in real.


Simple black is one of my favorite color choice. Not only because it’s a forever chic color that never gets out of style, but also because it matches well with any color of wall in your well-curated bathroom and it’s very easy to clean up in our daily life. If these features are important to you, then just take this color into your consideration.


Needless to say, gold is the best color to build and enhance a modern style bathroom. In LNC HOME, our designers adopt transparent glasses to go with sleek gold frame. It will constantly exude the pure allure of luxe and chicness that nobody can resist. If you’re interested in it, then come to see our Gold Clear Glass Wall Sconce which will never let you down.


If you’re into a more low-key style, then silver must be your first color choice. No matter using it as a dot in your bathroom lighting, or setting it as the key color pallet, like Water Pipe Wall Sconce - 3 Lights, the vintage charm and industrial finishes can always stun people and grab their attention effortlessly.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas by Products

Basically, there are two main types of lighting in the bathroom. First one is task lighting, like the wall sconce, which is very normal in a bathroom but a very good point to add more vibe and sense of design into your space. Second one is ambient lighting, we usually hang it over a bathtub to generate a broad light in the bathroom. Or if you prefer, you can add other decorative lighting in your space, like chandeliers or pendants with unique design and stylish finishes. Now, we’re happy to explain the difference between various lighting fixtures for your consideration.

Wall Sconces

If you’re seeking for a task lighting fixture in your stylish bathroom, then come to see our bathroom wall sconces series. They’re the best combination of functionality and aesthetic. Thanks to the transparent glasses, you can fully enjoy sufficient brightness when you follow your daily routine. Meanwhile, you can choose from different specially-designed finishes, varying from modern, industrial to farmhouse and minimalist.

Pendant & Chandelier

Comparing to the wall sconces, the chandelier or pendant light you hang in your bathroom must be more eye-catching than functional. The mission of such ambient lighting fixtures is to grab as much attention as possible. Normally, the fixtures which can create a little giddy feeling works better in this case.

Flush Mounts

Flush Mount works better for a small space. Or, if you have lower ceiling in your bathroom, we strongly recommend you set flush mount to generate just enough brightness as well as endless chicness. Moreover, flush mount tends to be a very low-key existence in your washroom, which means it can perfectly create an excellent lighting layers with other amazing fixtures in your well-designed space.

As we said before, bathroom lighting project is the easiest one to start with. We do hope above selecting tips can be helpful to you during the process of remodeling. If you have interests in exploring more articles about bathroom lighting, feel free to click and read more inspiring content.

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