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The days when bedroom is used solely for sleeping have gone never to return. People now deem bedroom as a multi-use space that often contains an area for a computer desk, a dressing table, a reading nook, a television or media space and much more. In such a scenario, a well-configured group of lights plays a critical role in perfectly shining every corner of the room and creating a warm and relaxing ambience.  

However, coming up with a perfect bedroom lighting plan is no easy job. In the past, light designs and varieties were very limited. Today, there are as many lighting options as stars in the sky, so drawing a comprehensive lighting plan among a myriad of choices without overlooking a single detail could be a great challenge. 

Have no clue where to start? No worries. Our bedroom lighting ideas and inspiration below would help you out. Just read it. 

The Key to A Bedroom Lighting Plan

Step 1 : Pay Attention to Layout

Think about the key spots that require extra illumination. Could the dressing table or the television need a bit more light downward? Do you need some light near your bedhead to back up your nighttime reading? Perhaps your wardrobe also wants some illumination from a light somewhere in bedroom. Is it better to light up a corner to realize a 360 degrees of illumination? Hence think carefully and write down your ideas for convenience of reference. 

Step 2 : Dive into Your Own Aesthetics

Undoubtedly, bedroom decoration, particularly the lighting fixtures, could reflect your personality and aesthetics to a large degree. Therefore, it is super important to find out your own aesthetic standards and what kind of feeling you need your bedroom to create. If you already have specific ideas, you can learn more from the article below where we give tips and tricks on how to shop light fixtures by three different dimensions: style, color, and type. 

Step 3 : Install Yourself or Turn to An Electrician

It might be a surprise that there are virtually many fixtures that you can install by yourself; however, some others do require the help of an electrician. Also, if you live in a home that has already been erected for some decades, you may need an electrician to check the wiring to ensure its compatibility with any of your light fixtures. So think carefully to make a choice. 

Step 4 : Are you on a budget?

Lights in a French country or farmhouse style, made from natural wood grain in hand-painted finish, may get fairly expensive. Though it is not always the case, you still need to keep an eye on the price tag, if you are on a budget. It is strongly recommended that you should check to see if there’s any discount code available, which helps you save some money. You might be surprised by what you find.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas by Styles

You might prefer warm-toned light fixtures which help create a cozy and relaxing ambience for a better stay at bedroom, or you might have big interest in getting wood-made fixtures to bring you closer to nature and free you from all the worries of the world. Perhaps modern fashion is your cup of tea, or you want to try something totally different that contrasts your existing room style. Below are the ideas we offer to help you determine the styles that fit your personality.

Warm Metallics

Every one loves a bedroom that produces a warm feeling, and your lighting is a key to achieving that effect. Light made from warm metallics has been among the most popular trends over the last few years to provide this feeling, and it’s easy to see why. 

Warm metallics offers a wonderful versatility, regardless of your bedroom style. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your room. Our 3-light Orb Chandelier can be on your list of consideration, which equally pairs beautifully with other warm colors to create a complete bedroom interior. 

An Industrial Edge

The industrial look has won great favor among the public in recent years. Lights in such a style could, through their dark colors and deep textures, bring depth and provide more viewpoints across the room in an effortless manner. 

Despite the fact that industrial lights are often reminiscent of a rugged style, they can also present a chic, modern and luxurious look. For example, our Pot Lid Pendant Light can pair with the dark wall and pastel cushions to create a space that is calm yet exudes character and fun. People often get surprised by how stunning the bedroom looks like after incorporating industrial-styled pieces into the room.

A Modern Twist

Modern bedrooms often adopt a minimalist approach, but this doesn’t mean you should cut corner on adding flair to a space. Thinking about every aspect of your room will help you make the most of your décor and lighting, creating a complete space that appears effortless.

Lights such as our Semi-flush Ceiling Light with glass shade is a great showcase of modern simplicity, along with unique characters. 

Retro Fashion

If you are a big fan of bright colors, then light fixtures with retro designs might be a perfect fit! These fixtures could take you back to the seemingly 60s and 70s settings, adding a unique charm and character to your bedroom. 

Our Swing Arm Sconce, Modern Ring Chandelier, Cage Pendant, each in gold finish, are typical examples of this retro style. 

Bedroom Lighting Ideas by Colors

Consider color as well, because it can affect how you feel in your bedroom. While people acknowledge that the color in our everyday lives, such as wall paint and décor, has a psychological influence on our moods, they may not realize that lighting color could also produce the same effect. Hence you should make sure the color of your bedroom lighting can beautifully pair with your room décor to reach a harmonious state. Read the tips below and get inspired. 


The light fixtures in black finish can work perfectly with most room styles, industrial or modern, mid-century or classic. It could add a crisp, clean as well as sophisticated look to your bedroom. The Metal Chandelier with 6 simply curved arms is one of such lights we provide to help your bedroom reach greater heights.


Silver is a powerful color because it can effortlessly be incorporated in harmony with any bedroom designs. A light in silver finish could add a does of industrial touch to your room, and uplift the ambience with understated elegance. Our Swing Arm Sconce and Frame Drum Chandelier are typical examples of this kind. 


If your bedroom presents a purely modern or retro fashion, or both, light fixtures in gold finish should be on the list of your consideration. Whether a Gold Vanity with Orb Glasses for a dressing table, or a Crystal Circular Chandelier that illuminates the heart of your room, you will never regret getting a gold light that adds countless elegance and chic temperament to the bedroom.


Farmhouse-styled bedroom would work great with lights in the color of natural wood or distressed wood. Wood, in general, is very warm and inviting, which can greatly uplift the comfort that you feel during your stay in the bedroom. 

Bedroom Lighting Ideas by Products

You watch TV, play computer, enjoy late Sunday morning lie-ins, do nighttime reading, or probably enjoy the afternoon tea in your bedroom. There are many leisure activities you might do in this room. Hence it’s impossible to utilize only one particular type of lighting in it. Different lighting varieties, such as pendant, chandelier, wall sconce and the like should work together to meet this muti-use purpose. Also, the application of different lightings could add layers and texture to the room, making it feel larger and deeper. 


Pendant lights are a popular option in any bedroom because they are incredibly stylish and will allow you to express your sense of décor and style quickly and easily. Updating your pendant lights in your bedroom is a great way to completely change the feel or atmosphere of your space. Whether to be hung in multiples or on its own, the pendant will never let you down in creating a wonderful space. 


If your bedroom has a higher ceiling, a chandelier is highly recommended. This type of light is widely regarded as an emblem of elegance and grace, and, being a kind of atmospheric light, it also adds drama to the room and brings visual pleasure to your eyes. Simple Wooden Octopus Chandelier and Simple Metal Chandelier are hot-sellers of this kind from our collection. 

Flush Mounts

A flush mount clings closely to the ceiling to offer an even yet maximum illumination. Featuring the simple yet elegant design, this type of light could be a combination of functionality and aesthetics. It has always been a popular choice that never goes wrong for any home décor. If your bedroom has a relatively low ceiling, then a flush mount could be an ideal option. 

Swing Arm Wall Sconces

A sconce is an elegant solution for bedside lighting. Placing one sconce on either side of the bed gives you the nighttime light you need and adds a polished, intentional feel to the space. This type of light includes a wide range of looks and functionalities. For example, our Swing Arm Sconce, the on-trend lighting piece that goes viral among its fans, can swivel back and forth, allowing you to direct the light exactly where you need it. Lighting up your clock, phone chargers, and maybe even a good book, this sconce could surely advance your life. 

Our lighting ideas and inspiration finishes here. We do sincerely hope you can make a blueprint for your own lighting options. However, if you want to grasp more ideas, we surely welcome you with our related articles below. 

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