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If you’re working on a big renovation for your lovely house, dining room is a place where we have to remind you to set a higher priority on your change list. This is not only because we always enjoy delicious meals and pass pleasant chatting time with our loved families and friends around the dining table, but also selecting fabulous lights over dining room table can be the simplest as well as most a fulfilling project which will refresh your room and upgrade your space into next level in just a few seconds.

Would you like to know more about this invaluable diner lights project? Then keep reading our detailed tips about how to hang sculptural dining room light. In LNC HOME, we inspire you with all original over dining table lighting ideas from modern to rustic, as well as multiple creative shapes, from the mason jar to rectangular box for your consideration. No matter what kind of style you’re into, we’re happy to help you find the right dining room lighting to set the best tone in your house.

 Now, let’s get started!

How to Set Sculptural Lighting in Your Dining Room

Step 1 Check Your Dining Room

To start with, you should first check out how your dining room looks right now. This means to review your dining room with a pen and paper, note down some basic but important points of your dining room. For example, how big your dining table is? Do you have a big room or a small space to lighten? What kind of style your dining room is? You wish to hang lights for your dining room in which kind of style? Recording all the details about your dining room and your expectation helps to know which direction we should go next.

Step 2 Let a Sculptural Light State Your Personality

No matter which style of dining room you have, setting sculptural lighting over your dining table can immediately upgrade your room. Once you get to know all the details about your dining room, you can easily get closer to your ideal design by picking up a centerpiece to sate your own style. For example, if you prefer modern chandeliers for dining room, then hang a character CRYSTAL CIRCULAR CHANDELIER to catch more attention which can add countless chicness and dynamic vibe into your dining room. Or you’re so much into farmhouse style, which utilizes natural color palette and simple design, then just try to set a LINEAR WOOD CHANDELIER above your curated table to create a wonderful rustic dining room look. In LNC HOME, we encourage you to follow your own taste by crafting beautifully designed lighting fixtures with different styles. If you want to get more inspiration, go on reading more specific dining room lighting ideas by Styles, by Colors, and by Products.

Step 3: Your Dining Table Matters

The best dining room lighting fixtures are always the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics. Therefore, besides hanging a lighting fixture in line with your style, another important question to consider is how to choose a lighting piece based on the size and shape of your dining table to let you finish a stunning project.

 Generally, we consider two dimensions when it comes to the dining table — the shape and the size. As the lighting for a round dining table, setting a group of bowl-shaped pendants to complement your dining table is an ideal option; as for square or rectangular dining table lighting, a linear or box chandelier often works best to create an exactly good mood in your gorgeous dining room. If you have a large and long dining table, you can install two chandeliers over the dining table or a group of pendant lights with various heights to build a unique as well as high-class look. While, for small dining room lighting, it’s better to hang an oversize chandelier to grab more attention in your stylish house. Finally, make sure the light height above dining table is the same level as your eyes or a little bit higher to ensure these gorgeous lighting fixtures function perfectly.

Step 4 Shop within Your Budget

As we said at the beginning of this guide, your dining room lighting project will be the most rewarding program. Since it’s a small but worthwhile project, we expect you can get the best return with a limited investment as much as possible. So don’t forget to control your budget before you make a final purchase decision. However, if you’re still struggling with the price, then try to consider our beautifully designed as well as affordable Dining Room Lights. As your lighting expert, LNC HOME are happy to provide you with perfect lighting solutions to allow you to build a more charming and stylish dining room.

Dining Room Lighting Ideas By Styles

The facile access to refreshing your dining room is to hang a sculptural lighting fixture to grab full attention as well as add more dynamic vibes into your dining space. Whether you prefer modern design or rustic look, or even your personal style which is hard to describe by words, we would like to introduce amazing ideas of multiple styles below, which could be helpful for you to find the perfect statement lighting piece for your dining room.

Modern & Contemporary

Modern dining room lighting fixtures should be your top 3 choices when seeking a centerpiece of your well-designed dining room. Chic contemporary design, sleek finishes with classic metallic colors, the charm and allure of contemporary dining room chandeliers is irresistible. Hence, we are excited to invite you to check our Modern Dining Light series for your consideration. 

Farmhouse & rustic

Farmhouse or rustic dining room lighting features in natural wood material, simple and understated design, and symbolic distressed palette. All these elements compose the perfect farmhouse look with your rustic dining table. If this style is exactly what you’re looking for, then go to check farmhouse rectangular chandelier WOOD CAGE CROSS-IRON CHANDELIER 3 LIGHT, which will never let you down.

French country

French country dining chandelier always tempts your guests with its floral design and vintage wood frame, which will create a cozy feeling of country life in South France. Bathing in such kind of traditional dining room lighting, you and your family or friends can fully embrace the true happiness of natural life. It sounds so adorable, doesn’t it? You can bring this fabulous look into your dining room by taking our WEATHERED WOODEN CHANDELIERS- 6 LIGHTS home.


As we all know, industrial dining room light is representative of vintage dining room lighting. Heavy and dark color covers the metallic iron structure, such kind of design has a strong sense of history. This is also why it can create a high-class feeling. If you dream to build an industrial lighting dining room, then try to set up a group of our POT LID PENDANT LIGHT to upgrade your space into the next level.

Mid Century

True beauty will never go out of style. That’s the ultimate reason why mid-century lighting fixtures are still quite popular nowadays. We’re deeply absorbed by its timeless chic design, aristocratic gold finishes, and understated elegance. Facts speak louder than words, try to hang this round glass chandelier GOLD GLASS JUG LANTERN to elevate your room eternally. 


Color has the magic power to influence our sensual experience, which means setting an appropriate color tone in your dining room is a significant task. The different color palettes will create different feelings and ambiance in any style of dining room. To learn more about this dimension, go on reading our color tips to explore your favorite color for a dining room lighting fixture to build an ideal look in your dining room.


In ancient times, gold means wealth and luxury. However, in modern interior design, our lighting designers craft a gold dining room light to create a high-class feeling with refined design, which can elevate the aesthetic of your dining room to a higher level. If you would like to infuse more chicness and glamour of gold chandelier for your dining room, then go to explore the Gold Dining Room Lights we’ve dedicatedly prepared for you.


Introducing black color into your dining space is indeed a bold but creative decision. The black dining room lighting fixture can contrast with other elements in your curated dining room, which in the meantime, enhances the glamour and chicness of your unique black dining room light. For such kind of purpose, we strongly recommend our black chandeliers IRON RING CHANDELIER as the centerpiece in your dining room.


Wood color is the perfect option for all nature life lovers. We say it’s a color “Come from nature, and go for nature”. Such warm and neutral palette can create a comfortable and inviting ambiance in your dining room as if you were picnicking in the wild. Besides, the understated elegance and timeless beauty is also the main reason we propose wood dining room light fixtures to you. Just come and explore our wooden chandeliers for dining room FARMHOUSE WOOD CHANDELIER to start your journey into nature.

Dining Room Lighting Ideas By Products

As we mentioned before, we wish you to make a smart choice for your dining room lighting project, that is to say, you may need to choose the best solution among various lighting fixtures. In general, chandeliers, pendants, or flush mounts are the ideal candidates for your dining space. In the following part, we will explain the characteristics and advantages of each product for your consideration.


Without any doubt, statement chandeliers win people’s attention in their various unique designs and suffocatingly beautiful looks. To choose the best chandeliers for dining room, what matters is not only the color and style, but also the shape of lighting piece that satisfies you most. You can choose from a linear, rectangular, square chandelier to drum, lantern, and more.

Linear chandeliers for dining room present a simplistic but charming appearance with their graceful lines and cute crystal shades; while the rectangle chandelier for dining room exudes more farmhouse glamour with a large wood box to stun people with its astonishing finishes.

 To install a drum lighting for dining room, the texture makes difference. Sleek metallic frame with milk fabric shade creates a gentle soft feeling that can melt people’s hearts, while wood drum frame with hollow design is favored because of sophisticated design. Such kind of rule also applies to the lantern chandeliers for dining room.


The first and most obvious advantage of pendant light over dining table is its functionality, which can enlighten your pretty dining space with sufficient brightness. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics when hanging a pendant lighting over dining room table. A small but useful trick to make your dining room pendant lighting attractive and stunning is to set a group of them with different heights. Take our MINI CAGE PENDANT as an example, we gain tons of inspiration from the successful cases of our creative customers.

Ceiling Light

If you have a small dining space or a low ceiling in your dining room, then ceiling lights could be better dining room lighting ideas for low ceilings. Not only because it mounts closely to your ceiling to leave more view for your daily activities, but also the minimalist yet on-trend design can add endless allure and chicness without overwhelming your space. The best example for such a case should be our FLUSH MOUNT GLASS LIGHT, which is an ideal bright dining room light for low ceilings.

Normally, dining room is the most easily neglected and undervalued space when we try to finish a renovation project as soon as possible. But the truth is that as long as we spend a little bit of time reading the above tips to set up well the right lighting fixture, we can be the pro to easily change our dining room into a stunning and charming space! 

Now, check out all beautiful and well-designed Dining Room Lights in LNC HOME to finish your renovation project perfectly.

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