Home Decor Trends 2020

2020 is a year of turbulence. Parties, traveling, eat-outs… became life treasuries. And home transcends from an after-work stop to the multifunctional life center. And the merge of work station and leisure spot makes interior design become more and more creative and personal.

So, what are the trends of home decorating for 2020? Let’s dive in the sea of creativity and get inspired!


Zen Master

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“Zen Master” is the new trend of home décor that underscores natural materials, functionality and minimalist designs.

The minimal uses of colors and decorations are the realization of the “Less is more” philosophy: Open areas create a sense of airiness and the natural feel; Natural wood is widely used for the rustic aura; and all home decors perfect combine aesthetics and functionality.

Incorporating plants, wood grains and fresh color palettes, the spaces merge natural elegance and simplicity with functionality. At the same time, the utilizations of different materials and finishes fuse the spaces with depth. The perfect balance of sophistication and roughness, simplicity and depth, nature and craftsmanship creates the truly calming spaces that comfort and purify your soul.


Simplistic but warm

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For the ones who enjoy keeping everything in order, home should be shipshape and spotless. Sleek lines and clean color palette are their favorites. And the combination of black and white is their interpretation of simple elegance.

Spaces that are created under this philosophy exude strong modern vibes, but the decorations of hand-made pieces add an extra layer of warmth and welcoming aura.

The well-positioned paintings, carefully-organized kitchen utensils and clean walls give off the calming vibes that make you feel like the true owner of your life: everything is straight-forward, and everything is in control.


Modern Vintage

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The beauty of modern vintage style lies in that it has the potential to be morphed into myriads of forms and presentations.

When paired with futuristic home décor pieces, a vintage chair can be layered with the strong modern aura, and when decorated with retro colors, a space can be added with personalities and uniqueness.

The endless possibilities that can be realized by your imagination is the magic that modern vintage style exclusively possesses.


Boho Chic

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Colors and shapes embrace and dance with each other in the spaces that are kissed by the bohemian charm. Potteries, plants, geometric patterns and paintings layer with each other and create the jungle of exoticism and creativity.

The casual and unique combinations of shapes, materials and colors define each space with strong personalities.

So, if you do not want to be bound by styles and definitions with your interior home décor, just play with whatever you like and have fun with creating your own style!


Modern Farmhouse

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For the ones who have a farmhouse dream ingrained in their hearts, barn doors, rustic potteries or wicker chairs transcend their seemingly ordinary forms and undertake the longings for the sunshine in the orchid yard, and the breezy wind coming through the grasslands.

So, the casual arrangements of potteries in the cabinet and the hand-paint coffee table surfaces define each of the spaces with your own interpretations of the farmhouse dream.

The modern farmhouse style moderates the roughness of the farmhouse decors and polish the spaces with a layer of unpretentious refinement. This perfect balance of country and urban brings out the most modern versions of farmhouses.


Clean and Modern

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The utilization of high quality decors and simplistic color combinations can underscore the modernity of a space.

Sleek lines and warm colors warm up spaces, while the fabrics of furniture add the feminine touches and a tinge of softness.

This very controlled expression of personalities in home décor creates the rational style that stresses simplicity and functionality.


Colorful and Fun

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For color masters, the layering and combination of colors can trigger the chemical reactions that fuse spaces with pure fun and chicness.

Colors of different shades and darkness can be utilized and combined in creative ways that transform a space from dullness to pure elegance.

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