How to Update Light Fixtures for Your Home?

-- By MyRusticHouse

Where to start when picking out new lighting for your home? That’s a great question and I have a few tips on that subject that I would like to share.

Step 1


Determine what kind of style you prefer for that specific area.

Do you prefer casual, formal or a modern look. That will be your jumping off point. Lucky for you LNC home’s website makes it so easy to search out styles.

I prefer a more rustic farmhouse look so I started searching under those categories.

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Step 2


Next determine your color pallet.

I look at my space and determine if I want my lighting to stand out as a focal point in the room or if I want it to just be a welcome addition like a piece of decor.

In the case of my dining room I wanted it to be a nice addition blending in with my style so I chose a very neutral option.

If you are looking for it to be more of a focal point maybe look at more of a contrast in colors or tones so it stands out.

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

Step 3


Look at the amount of light you want that space to have.

I chose a slightly bigger chandelier for my dining room because it would produce a little more light.

Some spaces like an eat in nook may not require as much light as a bigger dining area.

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

Step 4


This is so important because you need to have an idea of how that piece will look in your space.

I love how LNC home gives you a measurement diagram on their pieces. It made it so easy for me to measure out how I thought it would look before I ordered it.

Step 5


Budget is also key here when picking out a piece.

Take into consideration size and materials the light is made out of will play a role in the cost.

I appreciate that LNC home products have a nice variety of prices. They have some beautiful lights for prices that won’t break the budget.

These tips were exactly how I approached my search when looking to purchase my new lights. The Simple Wooden Octopus Chandelier and the Small Wood Beaded Semi Flush Mount were the two I chose.

These lights were two of my favorites on their site. They both fit in perfectly and added the exact farmhouse touch that I was looking for! It was so surprising to see how much a new light can change and update a space.

I am so glad I decided to change mine and do this little refresh.

I hope these tips help you narrow down your choices when deciding on the perfect lighting for your home.

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