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As the most inviting open area, kitchen island is the perfect place to showcase your personality and aesthetic while serving as the most functional area for different uses. Thus, no one can avoid such a significant question during the remodeling process – How to Choose Stunning Kitchen Lights to hang over your well-curated kitchen island.

To be honest, the hardest part is not when you don't have a choice, but when you do have so many that you don't know where to start. In case you get lost in tons of dazzling fixtures, we’ve prepared this simple yet useful inspiration article to help you pick out the best lights in your kitchen.

How to Set Stunning Kitchen Lights

Step 1 : Look Around & Write Ideas Down

So first of all, the most important thing is to put down your phone and go for your kitchen now. Take a look around your kitchen, glance at it carefully for at least one minute! What do you see? Perhaps the kitchen island, breakfast nook, cabinetry, sink and more. Then make a list of places where you want to change for new lighting fixtures. Oh, don’t forget to note certain purposes why you want to have those lights over there. No matter you desire ambient lighting, accent lighting or task lighting, writing reason notes can help a lot in the selecting process.

Step 2 : Insight Into Your Aesthetic

As we mentioned before, kitchen is the best place to show your personality and aesthetic. Before you can really impress your guests, you are supposed to figure out what you want to express sincerely. If you don’t have a specific idea yet, just feel free to get inspiration from our ideas by different dimensions. You can explore excellent kitchen lighting ideas by Styles, by Colors, by Products and more. The thing that you are not able to find perfect lighting fixtures for your kitchen as a pro is never the true problem. You just need to open up your mind before you can figure out the best lighting solutions for your kitchen.

Step 3: Make the Best Choices Under Your Budget

After you make up your mind, you’ve already had an ideal list to finish your kitchen lighting project. However, we all know the big gap between “Ideal” and “Reality”. Hence, we suggest that you need to consider some realistic problems before you make it happen:

- Budget Problem

As customers, we all want to find quality products with affordable prices. That’s why our website focuses on providing handcrafted lights with friendly prices to make these beautiful lights accessible to every American family. So you’re welcomed to browse & shop our unique kitchen lighting fixtures here.

- Electrical Problem

If your lovely house  has some years’ history, you may need to pay extra attention on this point. Well, we are not professional on this part, but please don’t forget to ask an experienced electrician for a check to make sure the contemporary lighting fixtures work well in your space.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas by Styles

Whether you want to break the cliché of traditional kitchen chandeliers and add more modern vibes into your cooking space, or make use of the beauty of vintage style pendants to generate a cozy and homey feeling, below are some useful tips for you to find the best fixtures which can perfectly incorporate your style into your home design. 


Modern kitchen lighting ideas feature simple design, chic metallic colors, sleek and polished finishes. If you’re truly into this contemporary style, you can go to check our Simple Metal Chandelier series for your consideration.


In any farmhouse style kitchen, you should never miss the key elements like old wood frame, distressed pallet and understated finishes. Well, since talking about this, we have to mention our most representative farmhouse kitchen chandelier - Round Lantern Chandelier, which is the perfect candidate for all farmhouse fans.


Industrial kitchen lighting features in the dark color and heavier feeling of metallic texture. The typical fixture should be the Mini Cage Pendant light, the sleek geometric metallic cage depicts the timeless beauty and strong industrial sense.

French Country

French country kitchen lighting can make you fully enjoy the entertainment of cozy country life and bath in the happiness as if you were living in nature. Vintage wood as well as warm lights over your kitchen island, this is where you can embrace the pure joy of simple life. If this sound adorable to you, then go towards our Cylindrical Drum Chandelier for a big surprise.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas by Colors

Lnc Home Linear Pipe Chandelier - 4 Lights-$188.99

Deciding the color tone of any room is never an easy job but it could be fun! You can try to master and use the art of color, which will definitely surprise you in an unexpected way. Then, here we are, to help you easily get start with this, you can read the hints below to unearth the ideal color of lighting fixtures that satisfy your needs most. 


Wood is the representative of neutral pallet. The raw color of fine wood can exude a strong warm feeling and timeless elegance over your kitchen island. If you have a mini or cute island to work with, this natural color tends to make your place feel larger and warmer.


Black is the everlasting fashion color. You can also regard it as a color decision which will never go wrong. It can suit perfectly in your modern or contemporary style kitchen to increase chicness, or integrating it in your industrial or mid-century cook space as the most eye-catching centerpiece.


Gold is the symbol of chicness. No one will doubt the fact that gold is born for luxury. If you want to upgrade the aesthetic of your kitchen into next level, which means more high-class with refined taste, then just go for gold kitchen lightings to build a chic in bone modern kitchen.


Silver is kind of understated and flexible color to blend into any style of lighting fixtures. No matter it’s farmhouse wall sconce where silver dots transparent glass, or industrial pot lid pendant light which presents a half globe silver pot, it’s hard for people to ignore the faint allure of such kind of low-key color.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas by Products

The reason why we list different light products here is not to let you choose one single among them. The best kitchen lighting plan should always be composed of various lights to complement each other. Thus, after we introduce more attributes of multiple lighting products, you can make smarter choices in your own kitchen remodel journey.


Generally, pendant lights can be good to navigate your kitchen, serving as the wonderful accent lighting in your stylish kitchen. It’s one of the most popular lighting choice in LNC HOME. You can hang a single one over your kitchen island by a cord or long vintage chain to support you with a bight view, or you set multiple to reinforce the whole luminous effects above the bars or sinks.


If you’re in pursuit of suffocating beauty to stun all your guests, then you must choose kitchen chandeliers as the statement piece in your kitchen. When we say chandeliers, the days of crystals and complicated designs have passed. In LNC HOME, we have plenty of original chandelier finishes with unique design to ensure you are in tune with top-notch home decor trends.

Flush Mounts

A flush mount is the best ambient light which can add countless chicness as well as illumination in a general way. It mounts closely to the high ceiling to bring maximum gentle brightness into your working area. It can perfectly combines the practicality and simple yet trend beauty in any style of kitchen. If your ceiling is not too high, this lighting fixture should be your ideal option.

Wall Sconces

In a kitchen, you can’t avoid setting useful task lighting, especially when you need to carry out delicate work in that space. In fact, wall sconces are acknowledged to be the best helper in this case. You can set it on your shelving, or directly on walls above the sink to provide sufficient illumination when you’re washing dishes or preparing meals.

That’s all of it. Sincerely hope our tips & ideas can be helpful to fulfill the functionality as well as improve the aesthetics of your kitchen! If you feel this article is useful, please feel free to share it to more people!

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