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Living room is where you have a good rest, chat and watch TV with your family, meet your guests, do meditation, have regular exercise and other leisure activities. To create a warm and inviting ambience, a group of living room lights is essential. Nowadays, there are numerous lighting varieties in diverse styles and finishes for you to choose from, but chances are that you’ll spend much time and still completely lose your direction in choosing the right lighting fixtures. 

It is widely admitted that selecting multiple fixtures that could perfectly integrate as a whole must be much more difficult than choosing a single one. Hence you need to come up with a living room lighting plan first. Our article provided below is to give you some ideas and inspiration on this plan, just read it if you are interested. 

A Good plan Saves 90% Energy

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It is indisputably a truth that a good plan is half of success. Definitely it is the same when it comes to choosing a mix of living room lights. A well-made lighting plan tells the thoughts of you and can finally come true in your lovely room, bringing you a huge sense of accomplishment. But if you have no idea where to start, we could help you out with a few steps. 

Step 1 : Pay Attention to Your Living Room Layout

Look at your living room layout before starting the makeover or remodel. Which parts of your living room need extra illumination. Could the little corner next to sofa needs a bit more light downward? Do you require task lighting above the television or bookshelf? Perhaps your lovely dining room wants some illumination from your living room lighting. The living room layout will help you determine where to place certain fixtures. And remember to write your ideas down. 

Step 2 : Know More about Your Own Taste

As we all know, one man’s meat is another one’s poison. There’s nothing in the world that is absolutely good or bad. You need to ask yourself about your likes and dislikes. In other word, just determine your aesthetic standards for the living room lighting, based on your existing room styles. If you skip this step, your selected lights might be out of place and would look as if they will jump out at you. So think carefully before decision making. 

Step 3 : Install Yourself or Turn to An Electrician?

It might come as a surprise, but there are many fixtures that require no much technical skills that you can install yourself. However, there are also those that require the help of an electrician. For example, if you live in an older home and are not sure about its actual status, you may need an electrician to check the wiring and make sure it's compatible with any light fixtures. Think carefully to have an option. 

Step 4 : Are You on A Budget?

Lights in a French country or farmhouse style, made from natural wood grain in a particular hand-painted finish, may get fairly expensive. Though it is not always the case, you still need to keep an eye on the price tag, if you are on a budget. More importantly, it is strongly recommended that you can check to see if there’s any discount code available, which helps you save some money. You might be surprised by what you find.

If you finish all the above steps, you can set out for the journey of making living room lighting options. However, if you are into our content which you think makes perfect sense and are eager to learn more, you are also welcomed by our more insightful content below, where we extend our tips and tricks by three facets of lighting: style, color, and type.  

Living Room Lighting Ideas by Styles

As mentioned above, everyone has preference for one or two lighting styles. Choosing the right styles to go with your living room decor is important. 


If you are a big fan of farmhouse fashion, you can take a look at a fixture rendered in well-loved materials like distressed wood. These wood-made lights feature simplicity that brings you closer to nature. Choose a rustic living room light to make a big statement and stun your guests. Our Simple Wooden Octopus Chandelier and Farmhouse Circular Chandelier are typical examples of this style.


If you like bright colors, why not consider light fixtures in retro style. The use of retro lighting pieces could avoid a monotone room and help reach a harmonious state of a room. Their texture and curved lines give a mid-century accent and bring out their artistic attributes as well. Have a look at our Drum Chandelier.


An elegant home design seems to have a magic power to bring a peace of mind in people and drive them toward a graceful life. If your living room is consistent in such a style, adding a few elegant light fixtures could amplify this feeling to greater heights. Surely, it also works well for those non-elegant room, as such lights virtually sugarcoats every room, whatever the style. Our Modern Crystal Chandelier should be a perfect pick. 


Normally in black or other dark colors, industrial styled lights could make a contrast yet live in great harmony with other bedroom stuff. Particularly, those made from wrought iron could bring a strong industrial taste that imparts a striking ambience. Take a look at our Simple Metal Chandelier


Modern lighting pieces feature a sleek, sophisticated, and minimal design. If you happen to live in a contemporary or newer space, a modern living room light will be a perfect fit. Consider our Clear-glass Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Light

Living Room Lighting Ideas by Colors

Color is a thing you need to give a thought to when you purchase a living room light. You should make sure the color of your living room light can beautifully pair with your home decor. 


The light fixtures in black finish can be well infused into any modern home styles. Chances that black goes wrong with room style are very low. This kind of light could add a sophisticated look to your living room. 


If your living room presents a purely modern or retro fashion, or a blend of the two, light fixtures in gold finish can be the list of your consideration. Gold lights could always add charm to your room and will never let you down. Our Gold Clear Glass Wall Sconce could be on your list of consideration.


Farmhouse style living room would work great with lights in the color of natural wood or distressed wood. This color is natural endowment and so it could make you feel like you are being with nature. Believe it or not, staying with color of this kind could also have a good psychological influence on you and benefit your physical health. 

Living Room Lighting Ideas by Functions

Each living room is completed with a sofa, a coffee table, a television, a bookshelf and so forth. You are supposed to engage yourself in leisure activities in different areas. In this case, different varieties of lighting fixtures are needed to illuminate all these areas. In fact, apart from the functional purpose, this group of lights could also add layers and texture to the room for the aesthetic requirement. So just place the right lighting for each area, based on its function.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting brings a diffuse and all-over glow to the room. It eliminates dark areas and unflattering and distracting shadows. Living room chandeliers, pendants, and flush mounts could all serve as this type of lighting. 

Task Lighting 

Task lighting meet the specific needs of any work you and your family do in the living room. Reading, chatting, watching TV with the family are all examples of tasks you may perform in your living room that requires extra directed light. Swing arm wall lights and hanging pendant lights are fixtures that are specifically designed to cast light onto your work surfaces, and many of them are adjustable so you can tuck them out of the way when not in use and reposition them when you start to work.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting emphasizes your personal style by lighting up wall art, family photos, architectural details, and other decor elements of your living room. Living room wall lights and track lights can be used to draw attention to unique design elements of your room. 

Our ideas and inspiration ends here. If you still want to pick up more knowledge than this, feel free to explore our related articles below. 

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