Modern Farmhouse Lights that are trending in 2021

Hi, we are glad to inform you that we've prepared more than 2000 new pieces of made-to-last, exclusively-designed and hand-crafted lights in 2021.

Hard 2020 has passed, let's see what you can expect to enlight your wonderful 2021!


Cubic Kitchen Pendant

The exquisite cubic frame shapes a magic world for the dazzling lights. It’s solid, elegant and impressive.

Perfect to be hung over your kitchen island, in your bedroom or your living room in multiples or on its own to bring warmth and elegance to your space.

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Extra-large Wooden Chandelier

This massive chandelier is shaped by several wooden rectangles of difference sizes and shapes intersecting with each other.

It will match your living room or bedroom perfectly. This awe-inspiring lighting fixture adds chicness, earthiness and elegance to your space beyond measure.

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Modern Rectangle Chandelier

The combination of metallic gold and black creates the sharp contrast that gives off the luxurious and dramatic vibe.

This modern chic light will definitely make your house gorgeous and fascinating. If you enjoy a modern-style home, this light must be your first choice!

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Modern Glam Chandelier

This Modern Chandelier was inspired from the traditional French chandeliers with a modern gold twist. It can be described far beyond ‘Gorgeous’.

It must be perfectly hung over in any room. Each detail is hand-crafted to the highest standards that ensures this piece as the true masterpiece of lighting beyond doubt.

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Faux Wood Oval Cage Pendant Light - 3 Lights

This Cage Shape Pendant has three candles inside the oval industrial cage.

It definitely adds a vintage feeling to your room. Also faux wood finished elegance of farmhouse spirit.

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How do you think of these lovely lights? Can’t wait to have them in your beautiful houses?

No problem! Feel free to make an order on our website, we will send them to you in our quickest manner.

You deserve the best,
Love from LNC Home ♥

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