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The mixed color palette creates a sense of happiness and joyfulness while giving off demure vibes for a warm and cozy farmhouse look. Haley is a big fan of farmhouse décor: barn doors, whitewashed walls, and natural wood finishes are the elements that are consistently used in her home décor design. Colors, materials and finishes mix harmoniously together and reflect the loving, fun, and passionate characters of Haley.

Let’s step in Haley’s farmhouse dreamland and be prepared to be wowed!

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The use of mixed colors and elements creates this welcoming, warm and truly gorgeous front door look. The baby blue barn door is the combination of farmhouse charm and modern freshness. And the two black sconces on the side underscore the modern motif of the overall look.

Two rugs of different styles and colors are the perfect marriage that stresses the contrasting vibes while producing an unparalleled sense of harmony and chicness. The exquisite embellishments -- wooden stool and ceramic vases -- add an extra layer of chicness and exotic charm.



The entry way and dining room are the paragons of demure elegance.

The fresh color palette of the room fuses instant airiness to the space while the French country chandelier adds an elegant note.

The genius use of rugs in the spaces not only adds texture and depth to the space, but also complements the other elements in the most harmonious way.

So, if you are looking to update your space with a tinge of modernity and farmhouse vibes without having to fuss about flipping over the whole room with new decors, you should consider simply update your rugs which will do magic to your spaces.



The Turkish White and Blue-washed Distressed Rug and the Wrought Iron Trellis Rug are the highlights of the spaces.

The use of bright colors and vintage patterns brightens up the space with freshness and modernity.

Rugs from LNC’s collection are made in the cradle of carpets: Turkey. Rugs by LNC Home combine the historic manufacturing technologies in Turkey and the design philosophy of LNC Home, and present themselves the revolutionized images that are unique, refreshing and especially gorgeous.

Wrought Iron Trellis Rug


Turkish White and Blue-washed Distressed Rug




The light fixtures in the house are the fine combinations of aesthetics and functionality.

The rustic brushed scone in the bathroom can transcend your living room to your kitchen to your patio.

With versatility to be installed both indoors and outdoors, the lights are the essentials in your remodel list.

And the Textured Glass Wall Sconce shows off clean lines to complement both contemporary and traditional decors. It features a black metal base, and a textured glass shade for use in a variety of outdoor environment.

Rustic brushed sconce


Textured Glass Wall Sconce


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