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If you are a fan of modern farmhouse home décor, you won’t want to miss this house tour of the talented and creative Jamie!

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Part 1


The black and white pallet creates the clean, simplistic and demure vibes for this cozy and organized kitchen.

Photo Credit to @IndustrialCharm

All the thoughtful details combine functionality with aesthetics and reflect the fun and loving characters of Jamie:

The tiles of the floor underscore the neutrality and modernity of the space, the combination of grey and white of the countertop adds an extra layer of warmth, and the glass on the cabinet turns the storage spaces into whimsical and fun exhibitions

Photo Credit to @IndustrialCharm

Part 2

VERY Rustic corner Outside Bathroom

The white-washed distressed door exudes pure rustic charm that adds immediate chicness to the corner, while a line of plants on the top brighten the room and bring a breath of freshness.

Photo Credit to @IndustrialCharm

Part 3

Living Room

This is a space that incorporates elements of myriads of styles and is full of personalities.

Photo Credit to @IndustrialCharm

The rustic and simplistic coffee table is the combination of rustic and industrial style; the grey sofas are merged in the decors harmoniously and create the comfy and friendly vibes; and the wood side table is a vintage look that adds an instant retro charm to this area.

Photo Credit to @IndustrialCharm

Part 4


The geometric patterns on the wall add textures and depth to the space and the rustic vintage TV stand is the fine combination of retro and farmhouse style.

Photo Credit to @IndustrialCharm

Part 5

Glam Room

This is a room that is warm, welcoming, cute and elegant – A true GLAM room!

Vintage gold mirrors has the perfect balance of elegance and flamboyance, while the well-selected framed posters add the right amount of femininity and cuteness.

All the elements of different styles merge harmoniously together but also present themselves with outstanding personalities and uniqueness.

Photo Credit to @IndustrialCharm

Part 6

Secrets behind the Barn Doors!

The contrasting colors of maroon and brown take us back to the old world of glam and drama.

The rug from LNC Home adds a touch of warmth and hobo vibe while the Wheel Side Table infuses fun and colors to the room.

Photo Credit to @IndustrialCharm

Wrought Iron Trellis Rug


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