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2021 is set to be a special year when we are forced to spend more time at home, due to the serious pandemic. Hence our attention are more or less shifted from outside to our own home, especially outdoor space, where we can breathe fresh air for a better physical health and enjoy multiple activities, such as alfresco eating, stargazing, cocktail party, afternoon tea, and much more. However, evening might be the best time for the majority of these activities as you can leave your daytime work behind and have a complete control over your own life. To back up these nighttime activities, outdoor lighting takes on great importance. 

Gone are the days when outdoor lights were all unattractive and designed solely for security purpose. Nowadays we are eager to opt for lights that can create a statement and add unique charm to our exterior, especially if we happen to have things like an outdoor kitchen, a swing for kids, or trees and clusters of booming flowers in outdoor space. 

Therefore, why not make your outdoor area incredibly stylish with the fabulous lighting? If you have no single idea how to choose outdoor lighting, read our inspiration article below. 

Sketch out A Plan for Outdoor Lighting

A complete and well-made plan is indispensable for doing everything. The decision-making on outdoor lighting makes no exception. We provide a few steps for you to follow and hope it can help. 

Step 1 : Consider Your Practical Needs

As we know, motivation is the force that guides behavior. You might want your outdoor areas to create a romantic feeling during the evening hours, or you need lighting for a series of activities. Do you need occasional lighting to illuminate a seating or dining area, or are you looking for lights to illuminate the plants for an equal impact to the daytime view. You may simply need to light steps and pathways through the garden, or you might want to highlight some features of your backyard like a water fountain or pond. Perhaps the situation is, you just want some exquisite decorative lighting to stun your guests. Any of these motivations, consciously or subconsciously, could drive you toward buying some outdoor lights. Hence think carefully about your practical needs, and write them down. 

Step 2 : Walk Around and Sketch Out Your Exterior

Take a look at your outdoor space and tell yourself what do you see. There might be many: doorway, water fountain, swing, vegetation, bench, trees and shrubs, pond and the like. Then draw a map to show what constitutes your exterior and decide where to add lighting, based on your practical needs. This really matters to your outdoor lighting plan. 

Step 3 : Learn More About Your Aesthetic Appreciation

There are tons of outdoor lighting fixtures and designs for you to choose from, which could be a great challenge for your decision making. The application of diverse lights in your exterior could reflect your personality and taste for home decor, and decide how you will feel at your outdoor space. So give a second thought to your likes and dislikes before you start choosing your favorite pieces. To help you proceed with the process, we’ll later introduce tips in three different respects: style, color, as well as type.  

Step 4 : Make Sure You Set a Budget for This Lighting Plan

A single light might be nothing to care about, but a group of lights for your lovely outdoor space might cost much more than expected. In addition, think about if you need help from a qualified electrician to help with the installation, which could be a basic requirement for most lighting schemes. In conclusion, remember to factor in the cost when weighing up your options. 

Outdoor Lighting Ideas by Styles

Lnc Home Straw Hat Wall Sconce-$59.99

Every one has a lighting style that they are infatuated with, whether farmhouse or industrial, chic or minimalistic. Infusing a theme lighting could be a smart way to reflect your personality and enhance your exterior. It helps you create a space where you want to spend more time. Therefore, feel free to explore your favorite style. 

An Industrial Vibe

Industrial lighting is always trendy because it can hardly go wrong with any kind of outdoor setting. The black finish, often deemed as a low-key color, allows industrial inspired lighting to work perfectly with other outdoor facilities to reach a harmonious state. Our Orb Cage Pendant Light, Seeded Glass Pendant, and Straw Hat Wall Sconce are typical examples of this kind.

Modern Fashion 

Modern home is often associated with minimalism fashion, so are modern styled lighting pieces, which features simple yet delicate designs, streamlined shapes and slick finishes. When you walk through the path dotted with the lights full of modernity, you would form an impression of what the interior of this house would look like. 

Farmhouse Style

Keeping things simple does no harm to your home style, and farmhouse lighting across your outdoor space will bring you one step closer to simplicity. Hand-crafted from wood, these lovely fixtures are great natural endowment brought to our life by skillful craftsmen, and could perfectly pair with the vegetation or the rugged style furniture at your exterior. If you are to create a farmhouse themed space, our Rustic Wood Semi-flush Ceiling Light, which would effortlessly add rustic vibes to your design, should be on your list.

Vintage Aesthetic

Vintage style has been appreciated from recent years. People’s pursuit of such aesthetic also extends to lighting, which is a key element to constituting the keynote of a home. Believe it or not, those with rustic iron or antiqued wood finish could always add a weathered look to your exterior and put your guest under the impression that your house has stood for ages. Try our Large Dome Pendant to achieve that effect. 

Outdoor Lighting Ideas by Colors

You are supposed to factor in the color when making lighting options, as color largely decides what’s your first impression of your outdoor ambience. Countless researches also indicate that color can have a psychological influence on you over time. No one is willing to spend time in a place where the great mess of colors don’t integrate as a whole and get their eyes dazzled. Undoubtedly, good color options could create a warm and inviting atmosphere and put you in a good mood. 


Black is the most popular color that is widely applied outdoors. It could easily make a contrast with anything, such as furniture, appliance, dining table, vegetation alike. Hence it could add layers and textures, as well as a sophisticated look to your space. Check to see if our Lantern Wall Sconce or Frosted Shade Wall Sconce could be your cup of tea. 


Silver can do no harm to your outdoor area, as this color would never jump out at you and can perfectly merge into any exterior in whatever the style to produce a cohesive look. Simple as it may appear, it could unexpectedly enhance your space with understated elegance. If you happen to be aesthetically reserved and tend to keep a low key, silver lighting pieces would be your perfect pick. 


Transparent often reminds people of glass, which is nothing but a manifestation of modern style. If you have modern furniture or something outdoors, then light fixtures with a glass frame could strengthen this modernity and take your exterior to a new high. Take a look at our Glass Drum Semi Flush Mount and Glass Modern Flush-mount Light


As modernization is taking place everywhere at a rapid pace like never before, people are now longing for being close to nature, which could benefit the health and free us from all the hustle and bustle from the city. So today, an overwhelmingly large number of people are crazy for light fixtures in natural wood color. This kind of fixture feels comfortable to the touch, and is eye-pleasing as well. They could serve as a kind of atmospheric lighting to add drama to your room while enhancing your taste of life. 

Outdoor Lighting Ideas by Products

Your outdoor area might be made up of an entryway, patio, plants, alfresco dining place, furniture and the like. Yes, nowadays we see it as more of a multi-use space where all kinds of leisure activities could take place. Hence lighting in different types should play their roles in different part of the exterior. 

Wall Sconce

Clinging onto any vertical surface, wall sconce could save on floor space. It creates safe pathways and the right level of illumination for the area’s purpose. The light it offers is diffused evenly and softly through the glass, bringing a pleasing nighttime ambience. The outdoor sconce could add a sophisticated look to your home, and the use of it could also bring a cozy atmosphere to your exterior. Have a look at our cute Mason Jar Sconce


If you enjoy alfresco dining, hearty chat, cocktail parties, or other outdoor activities with your family and friends, then why not better your space by adding pendant lights. The pendant could cast a warm and inviting glow over your ambience, and create the right environment for those activities. No matter you place a cluster of pendants or just a single one, this type of light could never let you down. 

Flush Mounts

Flush mount is a type of light that sits directly against the ceiling and gives off light downward. This light is ideal for space with short ceiling, due to the fact that there’s little room between a flush mount and a ceiling. Small and unattractive as it might be, it could surprisingly make a big difference to your exterior, and provide the right amount of illumination as needed. Nowadays, flush mount are no longer lights simply for practical purpose, it could also satisfy people’s aesthetic pursuit as quite much more elegant designs emerge. Take a look at our Mason Jar Flush Ceiling Light

This is all about our ideas and inspiration for you. We do sincerely hope that it would refresh your mind and help you draw a perfect outdoor lighting plan. If still this is not enough for you, you can further your reading with our related articles below.

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