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HHi, I am Franny from LNC Home.

Let’s go check out the lovely rustic farmhouse of Amy’s and get inspired by her collection of vintage pieces!

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Part 1


The strong rustic vibes pour out of this cozy hook. The combination of farmhouse cabinet and the vintage pieces creates the perfect balance of modernity and retro charm.

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

The unique wreath and hand-made basket underscore the vintage vibes of the space and add a layer of casual country feel.

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

On the other side of the entry way, the plant brings a breath of fresh air to the corner, while the quilted little pillow gives off a welcoming aura. The genius combination of different elements creates this comforting, and sweet spot that makes all guests feel welcomed.

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse


This flush mount from LNC Home adds the perfect amount of rustic feel and complements the other décor elements with its understated farmhouse charm.

Each detail of this light fixture is hand-crafted to perfection with the meticulously-sourced materials that guarantee the durability and longevity of this exclusively-designed piece.



Part 2


If you are a vintage collector as Amy, you will fall head over heel over her collection of lovely décor pieces.

The brown shaded patinas perfectly blend in the rest of the decors while adding extra elements of elegance, refinement and earthiness.

The baby blue cabinet is a piece that melts your heart. The distressed veneer gives off the vintage vibe that resonates with the rest of the room, while the cute color brings in a tinge of sweetness and freshness.

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse

Part 3


This kitchen is your farmhouse wonderland. The elements of iron and wood merge harmoniously together and create the clash of modernity, industrial style and farmhouse vibe. From the vintage collection of dinner sets to the casual and fun display of kitchenware on the wall, the space is flooded with whimsical creativities.

Photo Credit to @MyRusticHouse


This hand-crafted wood chandelier from LNC Home is the pinnacle of earthy charm. The white-washed distressed veneer underscores the farmhouse feel of the space, while the wood stand complements the other elements with strong country vibes.



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