June 08 2020

What Are People Saying about LNC Home?

Part 1

LNC Home is loved by thousands of happy customers per month and is raved in home décor communities for its high-quality, affordable and gorgeously-designed pieces.

Do you want to know what other people are saying about us and get a peek at the beautiful houses of our ambassadors?

Come and follow our lead!


Super good quality at excellent price!


-- TheHawkinsOnTheHill



The softest rug I have ever felt!


This rug from LNC Home is perfect for a bedroom. It is so cozy and the softest rug I have ever felt. It’s got perfect color combination that gives that neutral farmhouse look.



Brightening up the area.


So, I want to show you guys a little bit more about the rug from the LNC home. So, I picked this color rug, because I want to brighten up the area, and it is not going to show dirt, because this is not a high-traffic area. So it does a really good job of brightening up the area.


Perfect thickness for an under-table area rug


And I think it is the perfect thickness for an under-table area rug. I do not want something too thick or too thin. So it is just right. But I love this color combination. I feel it just like adds to the area and it is a great transition piece to the right kitchen. Because it is like just right off the kitchen. So, anyways, I will put a link here. Super good quality at excellent price. Go check them out.

Photo credit to @TheHawkinsOnTheHill

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