June 19 2020

What Are People Saying about LNC Home?

Part 5


You won’t be disappointed.


-- CottageStyle



Perfect for a modern space.


I am so excited because I received a brand new chandelier from LNC Home. And I love this website because they have not only modern styles, such as this. But they have farmhouse styles as well. So, this chandelier, let me just highlight for you. It is just so beautiful. It has a modern finish to it. I like the finish and the fact that it is not super gold, it is like a brass gold finish, which I believe is perfect for a modern space. This website has also other products that you can look for, like rugs, there are also pendant lights, but look how beautiful this looks in our room at modern coastal cottage Airbnb. So, I hope you check out this website. You won’t be disappointed.

Photo credit to @CottageStyle

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