Track Lights

Track Lights

Nhe first thing that comes to our mind whenever we hear the work track is that someone is monitoring our movements. Track lighting is a process of lightning where the fixtures of light are attached anywhere on a continuous tracks device which contains electrical conductors. LNC Home has also a wide range of track lights that adds extra glam to your room enhancing the beauty of the room. LNC Home track lights adjustable industrial wood canopy with three lights is an ultimate track light that will enhance the wooden décor of your room and will experience Elizabethan or Victorian era. Track lights are not only used to illuminate your room but also for many cinematographic purposes and LNC Home track lights semi-flush mounts spotlight adjustable black finish with three lights are just the perfect example of it.

How does track lighting works

The mechanism of track lighting is slightly different from other chandeliers. Track lights have two main parts. One is the track that is attached to power via wire and holds the conductors for the head. It often looks like in the shape of a U or a cross-section like a square. This is the part that is mounted to the ceiling or wall, with the vent facing downwards and this is how it functions.

Parts of the track lighting system

While discussing the parts of the track light we have to get into the technical terms. It has two main parts one that is linked to power with the help of a wire which often looks like a shape of a U or a cross-sectional square. This part of the light is suspended from the ceiling and the opening is facing downwards providing the light.

Install track lighting:

A few steps need to be followed while installing the track lights is as follows

Install the mounting plate in the beginning
Before installing marking and measuring the track is required
After that, the track needs to be attached to the mounting plate
This will be followed by securing the track
After that, it will be attached to a corner

Points to keep in mind:

The points that need to keep in mind- do not use with low voltage fixture of track lighting

Where track lighting kits go best

Track lighting kit goes best when you try to light a spot and want the background absolute black. This is appropriate for photoshoot purposes.