Discount Code Rules:

  1. Only one discount code could be applied during each checkout, the code could be entered on the checkout page.
  2. No discount codes could be applied to Open-box and clearance products.
  3. The discount code for new subscribers could only be used once.
  4. Discount codes of promotional sales could only be applied to on-sale products and are valid during the promotional sales period.
  5. The taxes will be calculated after the coupon is applied and map on the checkout page after you fill in your shipping information.



Reward Credit Rules: 

  1. You could earn a 5% credit for each purchase spent over $200 at LNC HOME. Your every purchase credit can be accumulated to your next order which means you spend more and earn more credit.  Your credit could be used directly during checkout.
  2. Please note that you credit have 90 days validity and you will receive a email to notify your credit balance change for each time you fullfill an order and spent over $200. You could log in to your account to check your credit balance.
  3. LNC HOME credit may not be redeemed to pay for any services or fees, including taxes and shipping. 


You could log in to your account to check your credit balance.



Tax Fee Policy

Currently we only apply taxes for Florida and Georgia. In general, the tax rate is 7.5% for Florida orders and 8% for Georgia orders.