Follow These 5 Kitchen Trends and You Will Never Regret

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With new decor ideas for the overall charm of interiors, the kitchen islands are also getting refurbished with beautiful island setup and new lighting. LNCHome understands the requirement of warm yet sufficiently bright glow for your kitchen counter and thereby offers a number of stylish chandeliers having industrial and vintage look. The trend of setting up dining table beside the kitchen island is not new but adding chandeliers instead of conventional bulbs is something that you should definitely incorporate in your household.

Shabby Chic Chandeliers

Chandeliers with wood and rust finish or total black metal finish can always create a focal point of lighting in your kitchen while giving a classic touch. As your kitchen needs proper lighting for the entire area, especially if you have dining space adjacent to it, the 6 or 5 light

will be your best choice. The upward-facing dimmable bulbs will help in proper reflection of light from the ceiling. You can choose the ones with antique white wooden body and rust finish curved arms for a farmhouse style lighting or go for the rusted metal finish chandeliers with adjustable chains if you want an industrial look.

French Country Chandeliers

Quite similar are the rustic French Country Chandeliers which can serve great for the large dining tables or the large kitchen counter. For French Country Chandelier wood can work as a contrasting factor with black or rust finished metal frames. While some chandeliers have a full metal body with adjustable chains for convenient hanging from different types of ceilings, some have handcrafted wooden body holding intricately curved metal holder, from which often hang the wooden or crystal danglers.

Transitional Chandeliers

Take the lighting of the kitchen a few notches higher in terms of detailing with the transitional chandeliers that bear the vintage charm of the sophisticated society and are made of high-quality steel frames. Take for example the transitional 2-light chandelier with slim link chains in bronze finish cascading from the round metal frame that looks straight out of royal household and hence, will enrich the chic appeal of the kitchen. If you have light-colored wall and kitchen appliances, the black fretwork chandelier or the metal transitional candelabra can suit the appearance.

Farmhouse and Transitional Pendants

If chandeliers seem a bit too elegant for the simple kitchen setup, the Farmhouse and Transitional Pendant can always be a safe yet sophisticated option and according to your requirement, you can add two or three pendants together. The rustic pendant lighting for Kitchen Island comes in many shapes and sizes –black mesh cage or patterned dome glass shade, spiral iron cage or champagne gold wire cages and so on. Bring some nostalgia with Mason Jar lights or go for the Warehouse Pendant lights with different metallic finish like bronze, rust, vintage blue, and industrial black.

Glass, Wood and Metal Island Lights

Last, but not the least, a set of 3, 4 and 5 Mason Jar or Glass Bottle Island lights hung from canopy can prove to be excellent lighting options especially if you choose the ones with adjustable chains. At the same time, you can never go wrong with the linear chandelier set of three bulbs in glass or metal shades. The geometric distressed wooden and metal pendants will also add a new dimension to the otherwise neat and classy kitchen island.

There is no fixed rule of setting up a particular type of light at only living room or only kitchen. With so many choices in LNCHome, you are free to experiment with various lighting and create a new trend.


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