Should I Choose A Flush Ceiling Light or One With A Chain?

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Choosing the right kind of light in the right place can help you make your room flourish, but if your choices are wrong then it can also be a disaster. Flush mount lights are one of the most common ceiling lights which people buy. These types of lights can illuminate a wide space while enhancing the style of it positively. The lights which hang with a chain are called Pendant lights. Usually used in multiples, these lights are mainly known for lighting up the dining space and bathrooms even though they can be used anywhere in your house.

Lighting up your Dining Room

Often considered as a luxurious place, the dining room is an important part of your house where you and family gather for dinner. If your dining room is big then you should consider more than one lighting fixture to light up the room properly. For the dining table, you can choose Pendant lights. This will make the room look more sophisticated and appealing. Whereas for the other parts of the room you can consider using the flush ceiling lights. These lights will give you enough light to illuminate your room.

Refreshing the Looks of your Bathroom

Bathroom, one of your most favorite private places also needs to brighten up to light up your mood. You can use the flush mount lights around the mirror where you need more light to refresh your looks and get ready for the day. The bathtub area is the place where you will be taking long spa sessions. So, for this area you can use the ceiling light fixture-chain as the ambience created by these lights can make you feel peaceful.


Lighting for Kitchen

When designing the lighting for the cooking area, it is important to notice if the place will receive adequate lighting. Because of this, mainly flush mount lights are used in this place. Also to highlight the countertops, flush lights are used more. To add visual interest and focal point in the room, you can use the Pendant lights. But they are not really required in this room because the flush ceiling lights can illuminate all the important places as required.


Lighting your home properly is very important to show off all the decorations. The lights with the chain or the Pendant lights require a bit of space, thus are usually used in the houses with the big rooms. These lights help maintain the sophistication while also beautifying the look of the room with its own unique design.  Whereas the flush mount lighting offers a more versatile option.


These lights usually do not require much space, yet light up every part of the room sufficiently. Because of not needing much space, flush lights can be used in every room. The prices of these products can also differ from each other. Usually, the flush lights are cheaper than the lights with the chain. So you can choose any of these two according to your need and choice. You can get anything you choose between these two from LncHome. Known for their expertise in this area, quality of lights of the products of LncHome are high and are budget-friendly. So make up your mind as soon as possible and light up your house with LncHome.


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