5 Exquisite Kitchen Designs Details like No Other

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If you have a knack of cooking or have a dining area adjacent to it, having the perfect kitchen lights will be a primary concern. In order to give the kitchen area and adjacent dining space sufficient brightness while maintaining a consistent lighting ambiance throughout the house- check out the wonderful collection of LNCHome.

The ceiling lights for kitchen are the most commonly required lighting in the kitchen to lighten up the entire room and according to your requirement of the spotlight, you can choose the semi-flush mounted adjustable track lights which are offered as individual, set of two, three and four. Go for wooden canopy if the ceiling is wooden or dark-colored, otherwise you can always rely on the black metal canopies. The 3-light wire caged flush mount lights facing three or four different directions along the ceiling can be great options if you want even lighting throughout the room.

The pendant lights for kitchen are among the most detailed and helpful lights in the kitchen because they offer a focal point of lighting to a certain area of the kitchen. You can even incorporate two or more pendant lights on the kitchen island or the adjacent dining space to give a complete bright look. Wire cages with or without seeded and clear glass shades are the new trends for kitchen lighting but you can also go for the timeless warehouse barn hanging light shades in silver, black or other color variants. If you are ready to follow regular maintenance of lights, go for the Mason Jar or Glass Bottle pendants which can add a nostalgic vintage vibe to the kitchen.

For kitchen island lighting, the linear lights in Mason Jar or Glass Bottles work in the same way as the pendant lights mentioned above, however, in Island Lights, you will get more variants like the 3 and 5-light chandeliers which can be hung from adjustable chains. The upward-facing chandeliers in enclosed or open wooden frames or inside metal cages can help in proper reflection of warm lights from the roof while the linen or patterned glass shades and geometric frames are for more visual approach.

A rustic kitchen chandelier above the kitchen counter not only gives a vintage farmhouse feel to the overall ambiance but also helps in upward or downward dispersion of light to keep the room sufficiently bright for culinary work or consuming food. The rust metal finish accents on a 3-light chandelier with crystal danglers will look sophisticated for a contemporarily styled household while the square metal and wooden caged lights without any shade will work great in a rustic household.

Last, but not the least, a swing-arm wall sconce above the sink or two sconces on both sides of the kitchen counter can act as a wall lamp and be convenient for highlighting specific sections. The black conical or semicircular iron shades of such lights complete the retro industrial look for the kitchen. Available in both hardwired and plug-in system, the industrial metal sconces can be moved upward and downward with the swinging arms.    

The island lights, pendants, chandeliers, and many other lights are designed for your convenience in cooking, having food and creating a style statement for your home. While the bedroom, living room, foyer and other areas of the house are perfectly lit, why should your kitchen be devoid of stylish lighting?


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