5 Stunning Modern Island Lights That Create Glamorous Interiors

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A central focal point in the kitchen is high on the wish list of many homeowners when they set out to buy their first dream abode. A stunning kitchen island not only serves the purpose of being an additional storage space but also multi-functions as a prep area, dining area, and entertainment counter area. Poor lighting can diminish its glamorous purpose; we have some inspiring lighting fixtures that will morph your dream kitchen into an oasis of glitz.

LNCHome specializes in unparalleled lighting accessories that can brighten up any spot instantly. Think about eccentric geometric shapes, frosted globes, caged artwork and metallic lighting fixtures inspired by punk industrial styles. Your island will never be an isolated spot, it will dazzle with unconventional arches and rugged wooden structures.

This rustic wooden box frame with hints of black metallic hinges is ideal for a contemporary styled island. Look at the detailing done with intricately patterned hemp ropes and the clear glass bulb holders in a cylindrical shape. Suitable for mid-century modern-day loft kitchen in earthy tones. Hang it over your island for sparking up an interesting conversation during prep time.

When the kitchen walls are done up in accents of white or any pastel tone, then we need an equally alluring island lights. This chandelier inspired pendant light carries more oomph and bounces off the natural light to the whole room. Even if you lack a window in the kitchen space this soft lighting will mimic the presence of natural light and create an elated ambiance. Paired with an island fashioned out with marble countertop this luminous fixture acts as an energy-saving alternative as well. The vintage industrial creation can hold eight bulbs in a frosted glass cylindrical structure. The solid wooden frame is wrapped in metal and features a unique handcrafted design.

For those who love the minimalist approach and theme their kitchen around monochromatic tones, the mason jar pendant island light fixtures blends in with the existing decor. The linear-shaped structure with a rustic faux wood finish combines to create four clear glass Mason jar sockets for incandescent bulbs. The light serves the dual purpose of being a sculptural masterpiece as well as a functional mood setter.

Looking for non-fussy island light ideas, then install these versatile glass lamp pendants over your urbane kitchen island. This clear bottle pendant illuminates the area in a bright glow and is ideal for task lighting. While your kitchen maybe dominated with antique pots and pans and organized kitchen shelves, this effortless light fixture anchors the space into timeless chic.

Chandeliers are a great addition to the cooking space and installing simple wooden and metallic lighting centerpiece is like a work of art. A farmhouse kitchen receives its due with reclaimed wood and vintage pieces; this hanging light brings out the natural elements into its truest form. Especially if you have a stone or wood-based kitchen island, then this lighting fixture mixes in with a variety of era.

An epoch creating lighting fixture remains etched in the memory and also catches the breath of any visitor. LNCHome have mastered the art of fashioning stunning illumination accessories for bringing out the best in the room. Add a piece of history and luxury with their timeless collection and enjoy fabulous compliments whenever you throw your doors open for entertaining.


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