5 Fabulous Tips for Choosing Ceiling Light Fixtures

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The whole aspect of lighting up your personal space has gone up a notch with modern illuminating systems. Gone are the days when we sat under yellowish incandescent bulbs squinting our eyes. The style, feel, color and tones have changed to match the moods and rooms. Natural lighting through large windows is anytime ideal, but if you want a fancy interior feature done to your existing rooms then just switch up the glam game with lights.

They range from the Victorian era to modern lighting fixtures, island lighting for giving a sleek look to the kitchen island, chandeliers for a prism effect, spotlight fixtures and other dominant space lightings that change the ambiance of your homes. There are certain tips and tricks to follow while planning your ideal luminous spaces.

LNC home caters to all your different needs of lighting; they are an expert at letting you chose the kind of illumination you desire. You can match the lighting systems, according to your interior, personality and room requirements. They have beautiful chandeliers to industrial styled mounts ideal for farmhouse setting. Your living spaces will come alive with these exquisite flush ceiling lights.

Mood lighting in the bedroom is the whole new rage; they work on imitating the bodily cycle in an unnatural setting. You really do not need too much of the lights inside the relaxing chamber since we as humans need rest for vitality. A combination of soft lighting and colored ceiling fixtures will enhance the body to sleep well. We will feel more rested in a dimly lit bedroom rather than a harsh luminescent area.

The kitchen is breathing space and the heart of the family, having a range of bright lighting fixtures will enhance the entire space. Overhead lighting in the breakfast nook will create warmth, cooking under flush mounts will make the experience wholesome. Instead of making the dining area feel like a dungeon installing adjustable industrial styled semi-flush lighting is ideal to light up the dining table.

Place even number of large pendant lights over the counter tops and the kitchen island. Long and oval dining tables work well with linear suspension or multi-lighting settings. Whereas square and round tables require only a single spotlight source overhead.

The semi flush Mason jar mounts are ideal for the laundry room and the screened balconies. Not too heavy on the eyes and the light reflected will add texture to the corner space in the house. It can also become the focal point in the hallways and entrance archways. The vintage styled dimensions add character to the room.


Other factors that determine the placement of the light fixtures are the height, diameter, and length of the room. In living rooms and kitchens, the hanging point of the lights will be low as compared to the other rooms. In the foyer and hallways, the lights hang above the doors and windows in a strategic location to illuminate the whole space below. In the bathroom consider placing a smaller light fixture directly above the bathtub.

In the end, it is always a personal choice, for some dramatic lighting system is an illuminating game and for some soft lighting works well with their moods. Whether custom made or industrial fittings these tips will help you in determining ceiling light fixtures for your dream home.


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