Make Your Outdoors a Warm Welcome Using Flush Mount Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lightings are not just embellishments they are beacons of security and keep unwanted guests at bay. They make sure that your house remains under surveillance at night and illuminates even the darkest corners. A gloomy front door or porch look uninviting and also pose the danger of being misunderstood as a vacant property. A vivid and warm lighting source changes the outdoor ambiance in a blink of an eye.  

There are a variety of wall light fixtures for transforming your porch and entryway. Flush mount lighting on the front porch is a striking way to bring in the exquisite appeal with classy functionality to your peripheral foyer. The contemporary sleek lines to antique finishes make them sturdy and weather resistant.

To conclude the finest size for your flush lighting fixture, multiply the elevation of your entrance by one fifth. For example, if you had a facade door which is 80 inches in stature, you would multiply 80 by one fifth for an idyllic size of 16 inches. Place the outdoor flush mount light with these specific measurements to laminate the back and the front side of the entrance way. The brightness will not stay on a spotlight fixed to a single side, but it will clear up a panoramic diameter.

If you are thinking out-of-the-box and want to customize the mount with a hanging wire, then make sure that the light fixture is not dangling below seven feet from the ground. The chain used can be custom painted or made out of iron, brass, and copper for added beautification. For a dramatic effect place the light to the absolute center of the entryway, this will open up a new light path and the front door will remain illuminated clearly.

You can also mount these outdoor light fixtures on the sides of the garage doors; they will provide a great curb appeal while being mounted on the ceiling of the garage facade as well. You can even set them up with automatic timers or motion sensors so that the lights will turn on as soon as there is some motion near the garage. This will keep intruders away and also work as an excellent alarm system.

LNC Homes has an exquisite collection of flush mount lights that create an elegant yet dreamy picture on your entryway ceilings. A romantic archway porch can become instantly charming with the rustic distressed farmhouse styled mount fixture. If you love the minimalist industrial approach then having a caged transitional mount fixture will give a modern touch to the front door.

A traditional setting requires vintage pieces these can be fulfilled with the iron frosted glass finish flush mount outdoor lighting. These lights not only bring warmth but also create an evocative retro vibe.

With an enviable collection of styles, shapes, finishes, and designs the LNC home lighting collection should be your pit stop for all of your outdoor lighting solutions.


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