5 Top Tips to Choose the Right Sconces for Your House

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From bedside reading purposes to kitchen chores, from reading table to dressing area –the wall fixed lights are among the indispensable home decor accessories because without proper lighting your daily lifestyle will somehow or the other way, be hampered. The sconce or wall lights do not need any additional fixtures to keep hanging steadily and while generally, these types of fixtures are upward facing, in recent days, there are many choices of downward and sideways facing lights according to your requirement. According to your requirement, here are the five steps to choose proper sconces for your home.

Coming to the most common light fixtures, the upward facing wooden and metal lights from LNCHome can be used for highlighting a certain part of the room which can be your reading corner, indoor plants, dressing mirror or shelves. The cylindrical stained glass indoor light with bronze finish and the transitional light with exposed filament bulb can add sophistication of uptown New York and give a touch of nostalgia through the warm toned soft light.

If you are looking for unique wall sconces for mostly ornamental purposes like attaching on the fireplace or beside wall shelves, the wall light caged within Steampunk wires can be a great option for you. Thanks to its slim Industrial steel design, you can hang the dimmable lights both vertically and horizontally. Another rustic design for wall lights can be the 2 light bases inside wooden candelabra frame with 13 inches height and 10.2 inches length. While the distressed wooden finish of this hardwired light complements the contemporary decor with its rustic touch, the metal mesh keeps the fixture durable.

For ease of adjustments of light angles according to your requirement, the lights with swinging arm design can be your suitable option. Go for the pack of two hardwired plug-in wall sconces with adjustable swing arm if you have a habit of reading on a bed or need to lighten up two sides of the kitchen island or even want to add dispersed light to both sides of dressing mirror. The bell-shaped steel frame not only looks stylish but also lets you move the frame upward and downward accordingly.

If you need to highlight only a particular area of a room such as a kitchen sink, dining table, reading table, etc, the hardwired plug-in lights with adjustable arm are a better choice than the above. Available in variants like antique matte brass finish, silver brushed finish and champagne golden finish, these modern wall lights can complement your overall room decor while offering ease of adjusting both downward and upward.

Last, but not the least, for ornamental Mason jar hooked light for bathroom mirror or the clear glass shade lights with adjustable arm and the plug-in feature can be great choices for ornamental lighting. Make sure you place these lights high above hand’s reach of kids and also make sure your head does not collide with these lights while moving because the glass shades are fragile and need proper maintenance.

You can also check out the non-adjustable farmhouse gooseneck lights, rust industrial lights, transitional dome lights, etc to hang above or beside any shelf, mirror or furniture.


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