Outdoor Hanging Lights Can Brighten Up Your Next Gathering

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Having a cozy get together at your patio or porch or your garden area can lighten up your mood with the vicinity of nature and lighten up the surroundings, you need some hanging lights. When you consider outdoor hanging lights, the first thing that comes to mind is whether they can brave the wind, rain, snow, and hailstorms. That is why the hanging lights for outdoor from LNCHome are designed in such a way that the bulbs can glow safely inside glass shades which are again given strength with the iron frame.

Instead of outdoor wall lights, invest on the farmhouse styled traditional pendant lights that come with 4.7” round canopy and 9.4”x5.7” light fixtures. With an adjustable chain of 59” length, you can easily adjust the height of the light in between 10.4” and 69.4” according to the area to lighten up and there is no need to use additional took as the screw cap can be opened to hook the chain for adjustment. Up to 60W bulbs can be used in it with the additional dimmable switch is you feel that the tiny water bubble patterned glass shade does not diffuse light sufficiently. The black metal frame can be hung from vaulted, flat, slanted or sloped ceilings effortlessly. With 10.2” length and 12.2” height, the hanging cage light from LNCHome can create a nautical vibe that you would find in any seaside home or countryside home with rustic décor. While the solid aluminum cage gives strength to the globe-shaped clear seeded glass shade, the hardwired design makes it appropriate for both wet and dry outdoor. For vintage lighting, hang this seeded glass lantern from a sloped ceiling and create medium dispersion of lights by using either an incandescent bulb or medium LED.

If you are looking for farm style outdoor hanging lights, check out the LNCHome hanging light with obscured glass shade and black metal frame. With 4.9” inch length and 13” height, this rustic light is compatible with dimmer and can be hung from various ceilings namely vaulted, sloped, and slanted, thanks to the adjustable chain of 59” length which can be hooked with screw cap at the end. With a 4.7” round canopy, this weather-resistant model can be hung in between 14” and 73” height according to your outdoor setup and a perfectly diffused lighting can be created.

The black coated steel accents and base with mission styled lines in a cylindrical shape hold the frosted seeded glass shade inside which you can attach any bulb of up to 60W power. This hanging cage light has 6.1” length and 10.6” height while offering transitional refraction of colorful lights for adding vibrancy to your outdoor grill, backyard or porch. The 59” chain can be adjusted easily and as the shade has a minimal seeded pattern; it is suitable for non-dimmable lights and therefore, adds more brightness.

You can use the lights at your doorstep as well as backyard and even add the same or different styled lights for more brightness. Soft and uniform dispersion of lights will make your gathering cozier and livelier.


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