Bathroom Ceiling Lights - Picking the Right Ceiling Lights For Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is that one space that offers dual sentiments throughout the day. In the mornings it is a busy space to get ready and in the evening it turns into a tranquil sanctuary to escape the stress in a warm bubble bath. Celebrate every mood and emotion in your privy area with mood enhancing the lighting on the ceilings and wall mounts. We have some helpful tricks to installing the ideal upper lights for your personal space.

Bathroom Ceiling Lights - Picking the Right Ceiling Lights For Your Bathroom

A range of areas are customized inside the bathroom itself, you have the vanity area where you get ready. The bathtub area is where you often indulge in lengthy spa sessions and the shower area where you take a quick fresh up therapy. All these areas need lighting according to design, mood, and functionality. It needs to blend in with the existing bathroom decor theme, and also remain elegant for the optics.

Any luxurious bathing space can profit from three styles of illumination to augment the attractiveness of the room. Make sure that there is a uniformly distributed bathroom ceiling light. Select ambient lights like small chandeliers, industrial pendants or flush mounts for the totality of the room. The second placement of mounted lights known as task lights near the mirror for ideal carrying out of daily activities like applying makeup, shaving and grooming. A third illumination layer of brogue lighting is to draw attention towards the intricate architectural features and interior decor. 

If you have a smaller bathing space, then using pendant lights hanging low from the ceiling helps to feature as an accent and structural lighting on multiple levels. Stick to the theme that is running in the bathroom, coordinate the lights with the color scheme and the texture of the walls. Contrasting light fixtures will only clash with the eye and create a blinding effect, this is not good when it comes to relaxing after a long day.

Brass and black finish along with the lights look stunning and complements with any given bathroom vanity. They are versatile for creating the desired vibes. Finally the size of the lighting fixture matters, it is important to place the right size chandelier, pendant or accent light. A feeling of lavish extravagance can be created with the ideal ceiling lights. It all depends on the dynamics of the given space.

LNC homes provide a range of immaculate white lighting for the accent and reflected task lighting for vanities.  They also have a sophisticated variety of dimmers that prove flexible while mood lighting. You will find shabby chic antique chandeliers and modern industrialized fashion fittings. With mega sales and exclusive discounts, you can make the most of your online purchases.

So whether you are planning to decorate a French country styled vanity or barn styled private washrooms, LNC has a light for every theme and furnishings. Keep in mind these simple methods to turn your mundane bathroom into an inspirational masterpiece in the house with the right kind of lighting fixtures.


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