Butterfly Dining – Innovative ideas for small dining space

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For an extended space, setting up dining table and chairs is not a big deal because you can design in whatever way you want. But when small space is a concern, you need to use your brain to incorporate innovative dining tables like butterfly leaf dining table because it can be extended for large number of people and folded accordingly for cozy dining. So, when you have a butterfly table placed strategically, it is time to lighten up the mood with some warm lighting and stylish fixtures that match the overall décor.  

A dining room pendant light from LNCHome can solve your lighting issues with one, three and four bulb fixtures. Seeded or clear glass shaded Mason Jar and Bottle lights can be hung from adjustable height in a linear way if you are not up for 3-light or 4-light metal cage fixtures. However, those seeking an old house charm can check out the Farmhouse Pendants inside drum or oval-shaped cages as well as the wooden orb or geometrical shaped fixtures.

If you are looking for some creative ideas for the dining space, the Transitional Pendants can serve your purpose. Create a spider or raindrop styled feature by attaching the adjustable wires of the 10-light chandelier on the ceiling. The metal finish barn light fixtures can give a vintage charm to your dining area.

A candle chandelier for table has been classy since the days of royalty as you can see in various classic movies or television shows. The candle-dipping stems of the chandeliers can be made of wood or metal with rust, black or distressed finish. Enjoy highly sophisticated royal dining under the two or one-tier chandeliers with magnificently curved arms or the beaded basket chandeliers. If such grandeur is not your thing, there are wagon wheel chandeliers and transitional chandeliers in minimalist design.

Frosted glass flush mount ceiling lights are quite unconventional choices for butterfly dining area but those with a low ceiling can use this light for soft lighting. The Farmhouse Chandeliers can be another perspective choice as these have adjustable chains to help the fixtures hang from different types of ceilings. One of the common designs of these chandeliers is wagon Wheel frames on which the candelabra or bulbs in glass shades are attached to reflect lights from the ceiling.    

Many houses have dining area set up adjacent to the kitchen island to make easy to serve and these designs can make the best use of the Island Lights from LNCHome. Create linear dining room lighting with the 3 or 5 linear glass bottle fixtures or the frosted Mason Jar fixtures, 3-light silver or glass shade linear chandelier or the rustic Iron pipe industrial pendant. You can also place upward-facing linear chandeliers in clear and frosted glass shades.

A focal point from above the table can be created with geometric pendant, antique gold drum-shaped pendant light fixture, square or rectangular wooden caged chandelier and the Candelabra pendants with 4 and 6 lights where the wooden frames are designed in a crisscross way. From elegant chandeliers to simple barn lighting, from delicate glass shaded fixtures to sturdy iron caged fixtures –there are many choices of lighting for a small dining space.


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