What makes a living room look more aesthetic and welcoming? Here is the answer

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Your living room often gets more priority in decoration as this is where your guests gather for a meeting. The living room acts as a comfy relaxation corner for the house owners as they watch the television, read a book or enjoy a hearty meal at the adjacent dining area. With much activity in this central space of your house, you need some warm-toned stylish lighting so that both the occupants and the guests feel warmth in the ambiance and also appreciate your choice of lighting that complements the furniture pieces and decor items.

Give your living room a vintage look with the rustic french country chandelier that comes in small sizes with three lights or large sizes with 6 lights and even in two tiers with four lights on each tier. The Shabby Chic chandeliers too look more or less the same with the beautifully crafted accents in silver, bronze, rust, black metal or distressed wooden finish. Besides, if you are up for some more intricate detailing, why not go for the chandeliers with wooden or crystal danglers?

The Farmhouse chandeliers, on the other hand, can give your living room a new dimension with the unusual yet charming designs of frames such as in the shape of antlers, orbs in crisscross way or different geometrical shape made from handcrafted wood. Such living room light ideas can click perfectly both in contrast to the sophisticated urban-style household and rustic household with abundance of wooden materials.

In this context, the candle chandeliers from LNCHome should also be noted for their relatively minimalist design with an abundance of metal –a perfect contrast to the Farmhouse chandeliers. The beaded basket or Coastal Agate stone chandelier and wagon wheel chandelier can also be great options if you are up for an ancient royal look.

For living room lighting fixtures, the unique shaped transitional pendants and the rustic farmhouse pendants can add a focal point in your living room. Those looking for something in a metal can choose the bronze caged single light fixtures to install against the wall for highlighting certain features on the wall. The 10-light spider-shaped chandelier with adjustable arms can lighten up a large section of the room.

From adjustable semi-flush mount and track light fixtures to fixed flush mount fixtures, the ceiling lights can be your ultimate choice of living room lighting. While the single, 2-light, 3-light and 4-light fixtures lighten up a particular section of the room and you can also change their faces to keep lights on two directions, the flush mounts are designed to offer even dispersion of soft lights to the entire room. Take, for example, the industrial metal caged 3 and 4 light fixtures facing all angles of the room or the downward-facing 3-light fixture in glass shades offering warm reflection. As for glass shades, you can either choose the clear glass shaded dome light fixture or the ceiling fixture in frosted shade.        

Wooden frames and accents have been quite popular in recent years because in the busy urban life house owners often seek a retreat to countryside wooden cottages which they fulfill with wooden light fixtures. Besides, the rust or black metal frames and accents have never gone out of fashion for a contemporary household.


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