French Country Home Decor: Lighting Sets the Theme

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While the contemporary decor style is trending in lighting for households, many people are setting a new trend by incorporating bygone era décor styles, especially in lighting and furniture. You might think that the vintage-styled lighting might give your household an antique or shabby look, but in reality, every household can add some nostalgia through its décors for a contrasting look. As for lighting, LNCHome brings some of the most magnificent French Country chandeliers for the living room, bedroom, Kitchen Island, dining space, hallway and other parts of the house.

A rustic french country chandelier refers to the farmhouse styled candle chandeliers with rust metal finish accents complementing the candelabra lights. A minimalist design with the faux wooden wheel holding six candelabra accents or an all-metal accent design with three candelabra and crystal danglers can be a great option for your kitchen, dining table or even bedroom if you are looking for simple lighting.

For a more detailed look, check out the 5-light rustic brown metal farmhouse chandelier with wooden danglers and curved accents. The rustic 6-light distressed Wood chandelier will be the most extravagant option with candle-shaped stems, dish cups on curved metal arms and metal flowers below the candlesticks.  

Those preferring intricate woodwork will love the shabby chic french country chandeliers such as the 6-light wooden bowl fixture with circular metal frame and ivory-finish wooden axis or the 6-light simple rusty metal and antique white chandelier in shape of a bowl. The 2-tiered European chandelier with 5 or 6 light fixtures combined with scrolling arms and handcrafted wooden danglers can add a vintage royal look to your house. Go for the distressed colored all-wood chandelier if your household features sober colored décors.

The french country chandelier wood and metal lighting with extensive detailing will work best when installed in your living room or bedroom ceiling. With adjustable chain and canopy that is compatible with all types of ceilings, you can be well assured that whenever a guest enters the room, he/she is enthralled by the ancient French Country vibe. The 2-tier candelabra style chandelier with 9 lights can be used for a large room where people can appreciate the distressed wooden axis, candle-holders, and the handcrafted 13 danglers. Another 9-light option would be the candle-style chandelier with wooden beads descending from the canopy. Being medium-sized, it can be hung in any room, be it a dining room, bedroom or kitchen.

The french country island lighting is appropriate for your dining space as well as the kitchen counter and one of the best options for this would be the 6-light wooden chandelier with silver finish accents because it perfectly complements the utensils or kitchen accessories.  Rust candle holders with distressed wooden axis in the 5-light shabby chic chandelier or slender black metal accents in the 5 and 6-light shabby chic chandeliers are equally enchanting for kitchen island lighting. The rust-finish 3-light candle chandelier can offer sufficient brightness to a medium-sized dining table and kitchen island.

The French Country décor style, for instance, upholds the carved wooden works and handcrafted metal accent work which complement both a rustic styled household and an upscale household with contemporary features.


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