Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Living Room with Stylish Outdoor Decor

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A patio overlooking the verdant garden or the street filled with activities can be your little slice of fresh air inside the compound of your house. While the interior lighting gets utmost emphasis as guests gather there and you spend most of the time indoors, the outdoor lighting also needs to be skillfully designed so that not only you get a whole new style statement but also your patio too looks the same beautiful like your beautifully decorated living room. From hanging lights to wall lights, the metal and glass design of the LNCHome lighting fixtures are sure head-turners, especially when you organize a night party in your garden.   

Coming to the hanging lights from the ceiling, the traditional outdoor pendant light fixture surrounded by glass shade with bubble patterns can be a great diffuser of warm light. The weather-resistant black metal adds durability while the glass adds a vintage charm to this dimmer-compatible light that can be hung from sloped, slanted, flat and vaulted ceilings with adjustable 59” chain.

The globe-shaped pendant light with bubble glass shade and iron cage frame can be another choice for pendant lighting. It's an aluminum fixture and hardwired design is compatible for both dry and wet locations while the classic lantern style suits both nautical styled seaside homes and rustic houses.

If you are looking for classy outdoor hanging lights with a rustic and vintage touch, the clear seeded glass lantern and obscured glass lanterns can be excellent choices as their textures shades offer transitional lighting across the garden, barbecue area and more. The non-dimmable seeded glass light comes with black metal base and mission-styled accents while the dimmable farmhouse-styled obscure glass light comes with an adjustable chain and round canopy that is compatible with all types of ceilings.

Obscured glass designs are also quite common in the wall lights along with clear and seeded glass shades. A transitional porch light fixture hanging from a gooseneck-styled frame and with full glass shade looks very delicate and classy. However, if you have little kids frequenting the patio or have hailstorms and rains regularly, go for the modern outdoor wall lighting with a black metal frame surrounding the glass. In a way, the bronze wall scone with rust finish can be a unique light fixture with its wire cage and frosted globe-shaped glass shade hanging from a gooseneck fixture.

The exposed filament wall sconces inside clear glass shade might not enchant you if you want the patio lights to be veiled inside the cylindrical frosted glass shades from which light gets refracted evenly. You can choose the outdoor wall lights without any additional frame surrounding the shade apart from the black accents or the ones with additional rectangular frames in different variants like crisscross and linear or non-linear accents. There are lights with dimmer switch compatibility and you can select those if you work on the patio often. The weather-resistant aluminum body and the hardwired design are suitable wet and dry locations simultaneously.

Glass shade or exposed filament bulb, clear glass or obscured glass, seeded glass or metal accents –there are various designs for patio lights from LNCHome. Choose the one complementing your household and enjoy the warm dispersion of lights.  


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