Mini Pendant Lights – Because Big things come in Small Packages

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These days all around the bars and lounges you may have spotted a cluster of dramatic light fixtures that light up the ambiance in style. They are not limited to entertainment zones anymore but have established an attractive space in offices and homes as well. Mini Pendant light fixtures are a fashion-forward dash of illumination. They bring in the superfluous flamboyance to any tiny or large living space. This versatile and chic lighting solution comes in a variety of shapes and designs. Embracing this minuscule light revolution is the new decor trend.

You could either install a cluster, straight line or single mini pendant as a focal point. For the minimalist at heart, an open bulb mini pendant fixture on the sides of the bed uplifts the mood. Luxury lighting during festivals like Christmas can be defined with hand blown mini frosted pendant bulbs around the family living space.

While wooden cabins might look cold, pair of elegantly styled tiny pendant light fixtures made out of concrete is idyllic to give off warmth and light. They have an edgy industrial aesthetic that works well with rustic wooden accents. Tiny light fixtures with golden accents are perfect to be placed in the balcony that features a comfy lounge area. Outdoor lighting has never been so glamorous and exciting; with multiple tiny fixtures displayed from the ceiling, the balcony will become the ideal nook for open-air parties.


Dining room lights can now be matched with the marble countertops in the kitchen or the sleek island that stands majestically in the center. Mini pendant lights styled like polished marble look Haute-fashion and chic. This transcends the dining space into a timeless leisure area and compliments with contemporary decor. If you are tight spaced and looking forward to decorating the living room, then go for the stained glass mini light fixtures, these are fine work of art and you won’t need any other fine art installation to draw attention.

Crafted with chrome, glass the teardrop miniature bulb fixtures are getting popular for mood lighting in the cluster. They can be installed in groups; they give a dim-lit effect that works well for restaurants, boutiques, malls and areas that need a relaxed atmosphere. Recreate Moroccan vibes inside your bathroom with ocean blue hanging mini pendants, a stunning fixture above the bath-tub. These hand blown youthful-looking bulb fixtures made out of lime-glass are ideal for creating a pop of color in a monotone bathroom.

 If all of this is not enough, then shopping from LNCHome for mini pendant lights is recommended by us. They have an extended collection that works for traditional as well as modern home settings. A wonderful combination of modern and each of these fixtures comes with easy installation and mounting hardware. There is also a discount sale happening so if you are in the mood to renovate or simply planning to illuminate the life of your loved ones, then gift them these mini delights. They are available in antique silver, faux wood, rubbed the Bronx and silver-grey an admirable collection that is both affordable and sleek.


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