Should You Consider Installing a Pendant Light Fixtures?

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Lighting up the house is an important part of any interior decor theme. Whether the room is spacious or tiny, the right kind of lighting fixtures add glamour and charisma to every nook and corner. While you might love the bedazzling chandeliers with its sharp, crystal features there are various other alternatives for a dangling delight to brighten up your home.


Have you considered going for a stylish and in budget light fixtures that maximizes on the use and minimizes on the space? Pendant lights are suspended via rods, cords or chains from the ceilings to the desired height. Their stunning body and design that comes in various shapes and sizes can be fitted into any living space without any major renovation headache. Their outer body can be fashioned by any classy material like glass, fabric, metal or industrial component. The best part of these hanging light fixtures is they veil the bulb and present an aesthetic vision for the eyes.

Before you grab one for your desired interior theme we would like to enthuse you with their amazing characteristics. Drum pendant lighting comes in a metallic circular shape and can be used for mood lighting, remember the thicker the outer covering the lesser the light will pass through. If you wish to set the tone for a lounge or the bar area then this type of lighting is ideal.

Looking for a vintage yet bold statement? Then the ’50s and 60’s inspired globe or orb-shaped pendant fixture seals the deal. You can give a luminous jaw-dropping romantic effect with a string of these fixtures above your dining table. They can also be fitted as rustic pendant lighting over the kitchen island, they not only set the ambiance for a prepping a scrumptious meal but also create a well-lit dinner corner for homes with tiny areas.

Suit your fancy and light up a reading nook with an inverted bowl pendant fixture, the ubiquitous shape makes it ideal for spotlighting the desired area. DIY an industrial look for your office space with the exposed bulb pendant fixture, this minimalist design matches with task lighting and also styles itself into a modern pendant lighting statement. Lighting up the foyers, hallways and any featured wall space with multiple installations of pendant fixtures create an artistic display. It can also be a focal point for the ceiling above the coffee table and for spotlighting a gallery wall.

Mini-pendant light fixtures are idyllic for bathroom and powder room where task lighting is the main feature. These are tightly focused and can be decorated into a straight line or looped into a single central design on the ceiling. When you are thinking of redecorating your existing place with stunning decorative fixtures, then abstract geometric pendant lights are fashionable alternatives.

 Feeling inspired to switch to a contemporary way of lighting? LNCHome gives you all the reasons to create your rooms into a masterpiece with their wide range of pendant lighting fixtures. Whether you are planning to convert your apartment into a sleek farmhouse styled decor or taking cues from the minimalist industrial lofts, there are unique fixtures for all interior needs. Your barns will also illuminate in a new fashion with these light fixtures, they come in all shapes and sizes. Avail the exciting summer sales and redefine the way you light up your homes with LNCHome.


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