Stunning Eye-catching Farmhouse Pendants Lights to Re-modify Your Interior

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Gone are the days of conventional incandescent bulbs and tube light fixtures for your home interior because not only do they look backdated but also do not match a classy interior. If you have a farmhouse-style interior or live in the countryside and want the same vibe reflected from your interior ambiance, the farmhouse pendants from LNCHome can be just the things you are looking for. Besides, many out there want to mix and match with the interior lighting where no matter the interior has a classy upscale touch, the contrasting wood, metal or glass pendants having a rustic elegance are perfectly complementing.

If you are up to experimenting with glass and wood farmhouse pendant lights, the bell-shaped 7.5”x7.5” wooden clear glass pendant light from LNCHome will be a great option because it is suitable for both sloped and flat ceiling. The adjustable wire from the canopy can be hung within the height range of 10.5” to 67.5” according to the height of the ceiling or the requirement of light dispersion.

The Faux Wooden Rust-finish glass pendant with 10.3”x5.5” dimension can also be a great choice for your foyer, doorway, hallway, Kitchen Island and also dining space. With base swivel for sloped ceilings, this dimmable light fixture has adjustable rods and cylindrical glass shade inside the faux-wood lantern-style rectangular frame. Another variant of this pendant has a cylindrical metal and wooden frame surrounding the seeded glass shade.

Among the best farmhouse pendant lights are the Mason Jar Farmhouse Pendants which are available in two sizes –6.7”x3.9” and 14.6”x4.1”. While the first variant is suitable for dry locations and comes with adjustable 14.7’ fabric cord connecting to a socket, the latter is hardwired (suitable for both wet and dry conditions) and with adjustable 59” chain it can be hung from flat, vaulted and sloped ceilings. If you are not a fan of Mason Jar pendants, go for the 1-light Glass Bottle Chandelier that can be hung from sloped, vaulted, slanted and of course flat ceilings with the adjustable wire that can be hung within the range of 14” to 72”.

For your living room, bedroom, meeting space, hallway or dining space, you need the ornamental farmhouse pendant lighting such as the 4-light wood candelabra which features a rectangular wooden frame and a metal frame attached in a crisscross way hung from the adjustable 63” rod. Suitable for sloped and flat ceilings, the 24.2”x21.7” geometric wooden pendant and the 24.6”x19.7” wood metal geometric pendant can also work great for both contemporary and rustic interiors. Another stylish design in this variant is the 4-light 20” faux wood chandelier in the shape of a wide orb where three rotatable black-finish metal bands are set up in crisscross mode.

LNCHome offers farmhouse pendant lights for Kitchen Island and among them, the hardwired barn pendant lights in color variants like vintage blue, transitional metal, warehouse black, hand-polished silver, blackened steel, hand-brushed, bronze and grey are really popular. The industrial large dome-shaped grey barn light, industrial brushed silver pendant with cutouts on top and the rust retro-styled bronze ceiling lights can also work great for your kitchen counter and dining space.

The metal caged 7.9”x5.1” mini farmhouse light or the 3-light 24.4”x9.1” large rust metal age light are also among the elegant choices for interior farmhouse lighting. The 4-light drum cage pendants, 3-light oval faux wood cage pendants and also the rust spiral cage lights would serve your purpose for the lighting up the living room, kitchen, and hallway.


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